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Anonymous added 19h death grips - birds guitar added


Anonymous added 4d ACDC - thunderstruck electric guitar added


Ally added 1w AOSOON - Under Piano added


fred added 3w fred - black guitar added


Anonymous updated 6w us - Pics please guitar updated


Dr. D.r.u.m. rocks! Dr. D.r.u.m. - Groove Beat 1 Piano Featured

guest Anonymous said: 2d So good
on Chicago - Colour my World-Flute Solo for Piano
guest dingus said: 2w nice
on hermanvanveen - spetterpieterpater
guest Anonymous said: 2w lol
on Tim Berg - Seek Bromance
guest Lightning said: 2w Hey I fiddled around with it and found this to be better All on 5 and dfeg | gfgad | abga | gfgad | ddeeff | eccdd
on Final Fantasy - Hymn Of The Faith
guest Lil kim said: 3w @JBTBFDIG midi is hiding off on the right side underneath the tab
on Soulja Boy - Crank Dat
guest JBTBFDIG said: 3w where tf is that midi
on Soulja Boy - Crank Dat
guest Notyetdeafjeff said: 3w Dude I feel you, my neighbors right now are the loudest most disrespectful pieces of crap I have ever known. 2 can play at that game tho, when they blare their terrible music at 3 am they're hearing even worse music at 7 am blasting at MAX volume from my new massive speakers. Also this is a great riff, sounds like something else I know?
on harry - shut the funk up (noisy neighbors)
guest Anonymous said: 3w @ZeldaConquerer Thank you have a good day
on Legend of Zelda - Lost woods (RH)
guest Anonymous said: 4w You can play it on trumpet SuperAcelll, you just need to transpose it
on ROBLOX Soundtrack - Wind of Fjords (Telamon's Sword)
BA said: 4w What are you trying to do Robin? Can I be of assistance? If you need some help posting some spammy links, perhaps I can help punch you in the nuts and/or babymaker? :P
on newbi
BA said: 4w @robinsenny, please refrain from promoting other unrelated sites here if that is indeed your intention? If so: you can bugger off! If not: I doubt you'll get better responses to your question than you received on your referenced site, but I suppose you never know. Welcome to tabnabber!
on Multi FX Boards For Sale
robinsenny said: 4w hi, I am new in this forum [url=https://jhsdk/]hello[/url]
on newbi
robinsenny said: 4w Hi, Toying with the idea of having a secondary/backup rig but wanna keep it as simple as possible. So, I'm thinking of get a multi effects processor. I don't know if it's a rig that I'll ever use live, although I'm sure there could be occasions where simplicity might be tempting. Probably looking at second hand stuff mainly, Boss GT stuff, Line 6 etc. I'd need fairly respectable delay/reverb/distortion on the off-chance that it does get used live.Any pointers? Please help. I didn't find...
on Multi FX Boards For Sale

The Piano with the Human Voice

Given the right frequencies and an impossibly fast fingered robot pianist, a human voice emerges...

Can I do that?

This isn't limited to the German with the fancy piano. Today's digital tech allows us to virtually create the same thing with any audio recording. Have a go on this site to convert your audio to a piano midi, then convert your midi to a tab, and you too can turn any audio into a talking piano voice.

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