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Anonymous added 1w Shinedown - Call Me No midi Piano added


Anonymous added 1w Our Lady Peace - Innocent No midi Piano added


nick redd rocks! nick redd - bhool Piano Featured

MatthewMcCollum said: 1d lol jk it's done now.
on M3 - Groove No. 4
guest fade the black said: 1d this helped me alot

on Dr. Dre - Nuthin' But A G Thang
guest Anonymous said: 1d Hi

on Misc - USSR and Russian National Anthem
guest Anonymous said: 4d marry me @Oioioi oioioi
on Twenty One Pilots - Screen (Intro)
MatthewMcCollum said: 4d @slickrick Thanks man! This will be a work in progress for a while.

on M3 - Groove No. 4
guest Cool said: 6d Wow this is confusing
on Angeles Azules - Como te voy a olvidar
slickrick said: 6d Funky! I was hoping you weren't just teasing us when I saw this posted yday. Always great to hear new stuff from you :)
on M3 - Groove No. 4
guest lazitown39 said: 1w this song made me cry tears of joy or maybe its because I stopped taking my meds, either way great song, and great website, when was this last updated? 2003
on lazy town - we are number one
guest kms said: 1w kms
on twenty one pilots - car radio
guest irvin said: 3w you guys should make the tabs more integrated with youtube.
on idea
guest Donnie said: 3w 10 years later...the band is still going!
on L.A. Band needs keyboardist!!
guest Ted said: 3w I find that learning a song one hand at a time works best. I normally start with the left hand, which is often the simpler and more repetitious melodies, and once I have that memorized, then start learning the right hand.

These are some great tips!

on Tip for Learning New Songs
guest Denean said: 4w Thank you. May the music bless you :-) Denean
on Denean - To The Children (Not Flowers of the Sea by Era)

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