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Anonymous added 3d Beranek - Dra Til Helvete guitar added


Anonymous added 5d MCQP - 1 guitar added


Anonymous added 7d What Song Is This? - Unknown Piano added


Anonymous added 1w Parkway Drive - Carrion guitar added


Astat added 2w Linkin Park - Be Yourself guitar added


Yang added 2w Popular - Oh, Susanna Piano added


Michael Jackson updated 6d Michael Jackson - experiment alskdnh electric guitar updated

BA updated 4w BA - Engage Piano updated


syntaxkills updated 5w Apathy - Dementia Cage guitar updated

guest Ghost said: 2d Learning to play this song on the piano, as my love plays it on the guitar. This is our song, we're gonna play it together for our 3 year anniversary😍❤️️
on Staind - Tangled Up In You
guest Anonymous said: 3d Good
on matisyahu - One day
guest Anonymous said: 3d could you please include tabs for this song
on My Chemical Romance - Cancer (chords)
guest Morty said: 6d Aw jeez this song is also in season 3. Aw jeez this song and tab both are like really good and stuff. I gave you 5 stars, if I could I'd give you a galaxy man. Aw jeez.
on Blonde Redhead - For the Damaged Coda
guest chloe said: 7d I'm confused
on Green Day - Holiday
guest Anonymous said: 1w awsoem vbrp
on Aerosmith - Dream On - MIDI
guest Dusty said: 1w @sasha1989s NEED HELP WITH WHAT?
on Eminem - Love You More
on Eminem - Love You More
guest Anonymous said: 1w NICE
on Eminem - Love You More
guest Anonymous said: 2w good
on Foo Fighters - Walking After You
guest Anonymous said: 1w Here's a link to the sheet music: https://www.scribd.com/document/358723796/Lullabye-for-a-Stormy-Night
on lullaby for a stormy night
guest A. Aron said: 2w Eh, chiptune is too much of a good thing for me, like too much sugar in a dessert, thanks for the recommendation tho! Let's keep this thread going and discovering more great electro indie music, these guys I just heard are like Grimes, more synth rich than video gamey but this song in particular has some nice beeps and boops. Golden Filter - "Solid Gold" https://youtu.be/IcO4DUSUWcA
on Unknown, indie song with female singer video gamey hook and a beat
guest Maxx said: 5w If you want those 8 bit beeps you gotta go chiptune. YMCK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GjHbHbpjUY Thank you Japan
on Unknown, indie song with female singer video gamey hook and a beat
guest Ricky Rick said: 5w Kiesza - Hideaway https://youtu.be/ESXgJ9-H-2U
on Unknown, indie song with female singer video gamey hook and a beat

Site Update: Better Bass, Greater Guitar Site Support

We've been getting more bass and guitar tabs lately (you slacker pianists), so to show our appreciation for our fretting friends we've improved our bass and guitar tab features finally fixed some bugs we should have addressed a long time ago.

Enjoy your improved midi playback and sheet music viewing, you axe-wielding maniacs!

Astronomical Music from TRAPPIST-1 Planetary System

Space Jams anyone? A team of astronomers and musicians at the University of Toronto have created a visual musical tool to make songs with the 7 earth sized planets orbiting an ultra cool dwarf star approximately the size of the planet Jupiter known as TRAPPIST-1 and located 40 light-years away in the constellation Aquarius.

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