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Site Update: Midi Perf Boost

Thanks and no thanks to BA's recent tab to fall asleep to, the well oiled machine that is TabNabber just got a little more efficient. We found a way to improve the speed and size of midi files that utilize the repeat command. Rock on x2. Don't know what the F we're talking about? Try adding an "x2" at the end of a tab line.

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Tab Additions
Anonymous - Untitled (by Anonymous)
nobuo uematsu - tifa theme (by Anonymous)
nobuo uematsu - Cid's theme (by Anonymous)
Anonymous - Robo's theme (by Anonymous)
nobuo uematsu - Chasing the man with black cape (by Anonymous)
nobuo uematsu - cosmo canyon (by Anonymous)
Tab Updates
Asshole - A song for assholes (by a)
Marilyn Manson - Deep Six (by bebeting)
Marilyn Manson - Deep Six (by bebeting)
Really helpful (by Fatman)
Lol all unhelpful comments will be EXTERMINATED!!!! Even th... (by DoctorWho Girl)
good (by Anonymous)
Thanks for making this great and easy. This is great practic... (by HP and JP fan)
doesn't sound right, think you got it wrong (by Anonymous)
Gee if only people could use grammar correctly. (by Isaac)

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