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The All Time Highest Rated Tabs The All Time Highest Rated Tabs
Artist - Song 22:23:37.6519437TabberRatingVotesViewsLast Updated
#1PianoEyes Set To Kill - Come Home (FULL)whatawaytogoout
324,5977 years ago
#2PianoBeatles, The - Let It BeTheStig
224,1505 years ago
#3PianoChris Tomlin - God Of This CityMegangirl94
218,5838 years ago
#4PianoRihanna - We Found LoveTheStig
429,9025 years ago
#5PianoBon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer [CRD]Da Tickler
320,6692 years ago
#6PianoClapton, Eric - Wonderful TonightEbon-Ivor
Tab Master
415,9007 years ago
#7PianoMayday Parade - The Last Something That Meant AnythingEverywhere312,1719 years ago
#8PianoIt's Always Sunny In Philadelphia - Nightman (Dayman in reverse)Reverso
Tab Master
25,4183 years ago
#9PianoDead By April - Infinity x Infinitymegalex
23,0702 years ago

#10PianoMayday Parade - One man drinking gamesKatelyn28,7926 years ago
#11guitarEscape the Fate - The Day I Left the Wombforgivenxwings215,2758 years ago
#12PianoPlain White T's - Hey There Delilah (Piano Cover)marosi
26,4703 years ago
#13PianoUnknown Artist - Unknown (Help me find out!)Cybris
Tab Master
49,0635 years ago
#14PianoCoeur de pirate - C'etait salement romantiqueRachygirl
Tab Master
522,9496 years ago
#15guitarMaine, The - The Way We TalkBrandonAdkins
217,4928 years ago
#16PianoGuess Who - American Woman - MIDIDa Tickler
310,2272 years ago
#17PianoUsher - My BooAnonymous312,6929 years ago
#18PianoIron Maiden - When The Wild wind blows ( better version)Abrar
25,8213 years ago
#19PianoDa Tickler - Piano Chord ScalesDa Tickler
55,7632 years ago
#20Pianolöd - masmmatha faka36,3989 years ago
#21Piano30 Seconds to mars - The KillElliot 023
Tab Master
39,2455 years ago
#22PianoJonas Brothers feat. Miley cyrus - Before the Stormfullmooncrzy25,5307 years ago
#23PianoChristmas - Hark! The Herald Angels Singbizzle29,77410 years ago
#24Pianovampie knight - futatsu kopiercethekellic
New Tabber
23,4464 years ago
#25PianoKnife, The - Marble HouseWasabiPea
Tab Guru
316,8734 years ago
#26PianoAlice In Wonderland - Alice In WonderlandKristine47,9799 years ago
#27PianoJames Horner - The PortraitNerquex26,8625 years ago
#28PianoLegend of Zelda Majora's Mask, The - Deku Palacedragmire
Tab Master
215,3076 years ago
#29PianoCat Power - The GreatestJGuitar765,8688 years ago
#30guitarBen Hays - work in progress 1Bandit47,1326 years ago
#31PianoAlesana - Vestige (COMPLETE)iPwnN00bs11726,5184 years ago
#32PianoZevon, Warren - Werewolves Of London - MIDIDa Tickler
513,6802 years ago
#33Pianoplacebo - twenty yearsgallo
Pro Tabber
216,7549 years ago
#34PianoTheStig - No.6TheStig
710,1554 years ago
#35PianoNational Anthem - Burkina Faso theme songAnonymous27,93013 years ago
#36PianoMae - Giving it away (acoustic) IntroRachygirl
Tab Master
39,9597 years ago
#37Pianotaking back sunday - new american classicjoblessbum
211,0798 years ago
#38Pianokansas - carry on my wayward sonUnknown
Tab Master
211,7387 years ago
#39PianoDeep Purple - Smoke on the Water riff (easy)guest24,3425 years ago
#40PianoCoeur de Pirate - FrancisRachygirl
Tab Master
219,8226 years ago
#41PianoJake Stancil - EpilogueBurn The Barn
Pro Tabber
24,1148 years ago
#42PianoRandom, The - Complete and utter stupidnessPineapple210,9998 years ago
#43Pianokingdom hearts - roxas themecx27,7005 years ago
#44PianoHead East - Never Been Any Reason - MIDIDa Tickler
416,3292 years ago
#45PianoSmashing Pumpkins - TodayYour Mom310,7148 years ago
#46PianoEminem - HellboundAnonymous23,3584 years ago
#47PianoMidler, Bette - Midnight In Memphis - MIDIDa Tickler
410,0852 years ago
#48PianoDr. Dre - Forgot About Dreslickrick
325,1567 years ago
#49PianoTheStig - No.8TheStig
713,8854 years ago
#50Pianomassive attack - teardropgallo
Pro Tabber
334,4019 years ago
#51PianoStraylight Run - Existentialism on Prom Night -intro-xlordxabortionx
233,7019 years ago
#52PianoColdplay - YellowMarzipanAlbatross
423,6788 years ago
#53PianoNine Inch Nails - Gone, Stillmelissah
New Tabber
211,5229 years ago
#54PianoSeanlos - Awakening Boss ThemeSeanlos
33,0691 year ago
#55PianoTheStig - No.2TheStig
1113,8215 years ago
#56PianoCat Stevens - Here Comes My Babytiny dancer
Tab Master
211,8977 years ago
#57Piano4 Non Blondes - What's Up?Ebon-Ivor
Tab Master
420,8897 years ago
#58Pianosky sailing - brielleSeptichobgoblin
27,6365 years ago
#59PianoChristmas - Little Drummer Boy (multi instrumental remix)Reverso
Tab Master
58,2213 years ago
#60PianoFairy Tail - Fairy Tail slow theme (sad melody)× Ðùánê ×
419,3744 years ago
#61PianoInna - AmazingCdz415,1636 years ago
#62PianoSecondhand Serenade - It's Not Overthegreatlandino
318,3078 years ago
#63PianoJingle bells - Jingle bellsArno
Pro Tabber
617,1589 years ago
#64PianoOasis - Wonderwallgatekeeper
518,1037 years ago
#65Pianomuse - Bliss (intro)Bito
721,8617 years ago
#66PianoFlobots - HandlebarsJonathan Doane
Tab Guru
211,3908 years ago
#67PianoLydia - This Is Twice Now (IntroEiEiGoat214,0917 years ago
#68PianoBeethoven - Moonlight sonatamarosi
413,2854 years ago
#69guitarmeeeezz - nervaAnonymous22,9053 years ago
#70PianoBachman Turner Overdrive - Takin' Care of Businessteeowe
Tab Guru
38,4266 years ago
#71PianoShowtek - Cannonballmegalex
25,1493 years ago
#72PianoFaith No More - Epic (solo outro)slickrick
511,8366 years ago
#73PianoManic Street Preachers - The EverlastingManic32,7364 years ago
#74guitarEd - Ed's stupid songEd32,0604 months ago
#75PianoHot Chip - Boy From Schooltravisthered211,7628 years ago
#76PianoInterpol - Obstacle 1Trogdorman
Pro Tabber
27,5178 years ago
#77PianoAFI - Silver and Cold Introsurrealtraversity
New Tabber
26,1108 years ago
#78PianoAqualung - Just for a Moment (intro)Anonymous35,6856 years ago
#79PianoOdin H. Gardaa - 8BitFantasyEXero
Tab Guru
49,2194 years ago
#80Pianodeadmau5 - Careless (Acoustic)Anonymous212,3533 years ago
#81guitarMy Heart's Asunder - BrigidJakeBezRy
413,5704 years ago
#82PianoStevie Wonder - Superstition (Bass)piano ninja
Pro Tabber
227,4887 years ago
#83guitarJack Dunning - lost(sneak peak)iiiiiiiiii
Pro Tabber
25,1875 years ago
#84PianoMatthew Good Band - weaponpez28,0258 years ago
#85PianoProfessor Layton - Descole's ThemeCheeseBurger
37,4134 years ago
#86PianoExplosions in the Sky - Your Hand in Mineguest59,3169 years ago
#87PianoTutone, Tommy - 867-5309 (Jenny, Jenny)Ebon-Ivor
Tab Master
413,9717 years ago
#88PianoNine Inch Nails - La MerMagpie313,77510 years ago
#89PianoKISS - Beth - MIDIDa Tickler
538,0522 years ago
#90PianoSlayer - South of Heaven Introrick215,56610 years ago
#91PianoLegend of Zelda Majora's Mask, The - Stone Tower Templedragmire
Tab Master
416,8365 years ago
#92PianoLooking Glass - Brandy (You're A Fine Girl)Ebon-Ivor
Tab Master
410,1137 years ago
#93PianoMy Chemical Romance - Demoltion LoversPiano_Addict
Pro Tabber
210,3079 years ago
#94PianoMega Man - Mega Man 2 ThemeHxCandGore
Pro Tabber
216,0417 years ago
#95PianoLegend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, The - Treasure Chestdragmire
Tab Master
417,2756 years ago
#96PianoDeus Ex - Main themeGregman
416,7108 years ago
#97PianoFrom Autumn To Ashes - Abandon Your Friendstabber dude
210,4819 years ago
#98PianoJake Stancil - PrologueBurn The Barn
Pro Tabber
25,4208 years ago
#99PianoAlfred newman - 20th century fox fanfarenotessia
312,9396 years ago
#100PianoChiodos - Undertaker piano solodomqwer
Pro Tabber
49,6168 years ago

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