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The All Time Highest Rated Tabs The All Time Highest Rated Tabs
Artist - Song 16:54:32.1560653TabberRatingVotesViewsLast Updated
#1PianoAvenged sevenfold - Gunslinger (solo)kacey214,5219 years ago
#2PianoFinal Fantasy XIII - Lightnings ThemeCross
28,6415 years ago
#3PianoMuse - Sunburnslickrick
683,0159 years ago
#4PianoAdam Lambert - Whataya Want From MeElliot 023
Tab Master
214,5166 years ago
#5PianoD.Gray-man - Musician (14th Song)De_Pianist324,4667 years ago
#6PianoStarland Vocal Band - Afternoon DelightEbon-Ivor
Tab Master
58,8229 years ago
#7PianoCascada - Every time we touch (best version)C0B
618,6129 years ago
#8PianoGregory and the Hawk - Boats and Birdsxhilary
New Tabber
48,52410 years ago
#9PianoQueen - Seven Seas of RhyeTheStig
312,6986 years ago

#10PianoAnonymous - Spanish Romance (for Piano)IPtiga
Tab Guru
430,1167 years ago
#11PianoEdvard Grieg - In the Hall of the Mountain KingBA412,8357 years ago
#12PianoBeethoven - Moonlight sonata 1st mov.Rachygirl
Tab Master
318,9239 years ago
#13PianoBen Folds Five - UndergroundAnonymous216,75011 years ago
#14PianoSum 41 - The Hell SongCybris
Tab Master
610,6417 years ago
#15PianoSteph E - My song 4steph
Tab Guru
26,61510 years ago
#16Pianobob dylan - i want yougallo
Pro Tabber
216,46811 years ago
#17PianoTheme Song - It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia (short orchestral intro)Anonymous310,9785 years ago
#18guitarabner - lol i had to write this for corospondince.Abner
New Tabber
27,5737 years ago
#19PianoCalvin Harris - Feel So Close (Main synth rift)DANNYBASSMAN93
26,8386 years ago
#20PianoDJ Sammy - Heaven (intro)Ashlee412,11811 years ago
#21Pianoslickrick - Children's Story - Winter is Comingslickrick
520,8043 years ago
#22PianoJon L - chill woman (busta rhymes style)Jon L
210,8395 years ago
#23PianoRolling Stones, The - Let's Spend the Night Togethertiny dancer
Tab Master
210,7154 years ago
#24PianoGuns N' Roses - November Rain (Intro)slickrick
213,3507 years ago
#25Pianofinal fantasy vii - advent children mainsorry38,7279 years ago
#26PianoKoji Kondo - Super Mario 64 Staff RollTrogdorman
Pro Tabber
314,6398 years ago
#27PianoFoo Fighters - EverlongMistaShizz
315,7658 years ago
#28PianoYui - Rolling StarArno
Pro Tabber
225,19010 years ago
#29PianoSteve Vai - Eugene's Trick BagModel88
Tab Master
38,4517 years ago
#30PianoDylan, Bob - Knockin' On Heaven's Door - MIDIDa Tickler
439,8954 years ago
#31PianoCream - Sunshine of Your Loveawesomedude
New Tabber
27,93610 years ago
#32DrumsBryson Harllee - Left Beat Right Wing of the Drumbryson705
Pro Tabber
49,3835 years ago
#33Pianomichael jackson - give in to meElliot 023
Tab Master
212,3217 years ago
#34PianoStaind - It's Been A WhileEmptyElevators
29,44910 years ago
#35Pianomurray gold - i am the doctorElliot 023
Tab Master
24,7874 years ago
#36PianoLupe Fiasco - Intruder AlertAnonymous413,5169 years ago
#37PianoNine Inch Nails - La MerMagpie316,36011 years ago
#38Piano30 Seconds to Mars - AttackCheezit1107821,1989 years ago
#39PianoC418 - Wet Hands (Piano2)N0Life
Tab Master
460,6177 years ago
#40PianoDa Tickler - Untitled No. 83 - MIDIDa Tickler
78,7024 years ago
#41Pianokid cudi - the prayerMattyAlou26,8097 years ago
#42PianoRyan - SandsRyan27,3506 years ago
#43PianoDa Tickler - Piano Chord ScalesDa Tickler
57,2184 years ago
#44PianoJourney - Don't Stop Believin'Journey
Pro Tabber
218,6757 years ago
#45PianoSaga - On The Loose - MIDIDa Tickler
416,4614 years ago
#46PianoDr. D.r.u.m. - Groove Beat 2Dr. D.r.u.m.33,8846 years ago
#47PianoFaith No More - Epic (solo outro)slickrick
516,6578 years ago
#48PianoKeane - Hamburg Songslickrick
323,93711 years ago
#49PianoEpica - Chasing the DragonKurayami213,1238 years ago
#50PianoKaty Perry - Part Of Memarosi36,5886 years ago
#51PianoCarlos Santana - Into The Nightguitarguy`
New Tabber
218,04710 years ago
#52PianoCalvin Harris - Feel So Close (Full Instrumental)TheStig
214,2234 years ago
#53PianoMetroid - Phendrana DriftsAu.Revoir.Angel24,6125 years ago
#54bassSteve Miller Band - Joker, The - Bassgatekeeper
47,9719 years ago
#55PianoLegend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, The - Kotake and Koumedragmire
Tab Master
314,0077 years ago
#56Piano30 Seconds to mars - The KillElliot 023
Tab Master
311,1816 years ago
#57PianoSuper Mario 64 - Save File Songwerety
59,5677 years ago
#58PianoSuper Mario Bros - Underwater Theme (louie's orchestral mix)Louie24,3623 years ago
#59PianoCarissa Hollo - Falling Short of GrandCarissa
28,6145 years ago
#60bassPayolas - Eyes Of A StrangerFrizz
29,2185 years ago
#61PianoPlayRadioPlay! - Compliment Each Other Like ColorsBrandonAdkins
216,31710 years ago
#62PianoPoison - Every Thorn Has Its RoseAnonymous1414,5326 years ago
#63PianoM3 - I'm sick so I have time to make this song.MatthewMcCollum
43,8061 year ago
#64PianoDa Tickler - Untitled No. 115 - MIDIDa Tickler
511,0743 years ago
#65PianoLegend of Zelda The Skyward Sword - Ballad of the GoddessEXero
Tab Guru
211,2635 years ago
#66guitarCelldweller feat. Styles of Beyond - ShapeshifterAnonymous214,6258 years ago
#67PianoM3 - DuetMatthewMcCollum
77,6154 years ago
#68Pianosjc - vivaldi 4 seasonsbig ed
New Tabber
210,3398 years ago
#69PianoZelda - Greater Fairy Fountain (slickrick remix)slickrick
48,8211 year ago
#70PianoArcade Fire - Crown of Loveloclown331,87612 years ago
#71PianoDa Tickler - Untitled No. 35 - MIDIDa Tickler
310,4204 years ago
#72PianoMetallica - Fade To BlackTrogdorman
Pro Tabber
1032,6879 years ago
#73Pianoblessthefall - Black Dying Rose Intro (Take Me Now)rawrimanalien
421,7358 years ago
#74PianoVan Halen - Love Walks InEbon-Ivor
Tab Master
614,8779 years ago
#75PianoMindless Self Indulgence - Seven-ElevenJimmy48,78012 years ago
#76PianoHellogoodbye - Here In Your Arms (Full Song)meeetch
Pro Tabber
716,0819 years ago
#77PianoHollywood undead - Bulletmegalex
313,2055 years ago
#78PianoAdele - Turning Tablesmarosi
312,9896 years ago
#79PianoModest Mouse - Spitting VenomGregchowski37,3379 years ago
#80PianoCarol Of The Bells - Carol Of The Bellskaytringoesrawr
New Tabber
215,8319 years ago
#81PianoAl stewart - Year of the catteeowe
Tab Guru
312,1117 years ago
#82PianoBurl Ives - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeerzip-e-dee-doo-dah
313,58610 years ago
#83PianoAlesana - The Third Temptation of Parisoutlawheart
621,1079 years ago
#84PianoMozart - Der holle racheZigfrid313,4166 years ago
#85PianoDa Tickler - Untitled No. 27 - MIDIDa Tickler
56,9404 years ago
#86Pianoplacebo - draggallo
Pro Tabber
210,35111 years ago
#87PianoCat Power - The GreatestJGuitar777,2559 years ago
#88PianoOwl City - Fireflies (Easy)marosi
6102,3794 years ago
#89PianoMidler, Bette - Midnight In Memphis - MIDIDa Tickler
412,4664 years ago
#90PianoChildren of Bodom - Lake Bodom Keyboardvizierofdeath73
Pro Tabber
425,75011 years ago
#91PianoVALVe (HL2 soundtrack) - Triage at dawn (my incomplete version)Vyp3r
New Tabber
227,7549 years ago
#92PianoCarly Rae Jepsen - Call Me MaybeTheStig
313,9396 years ago
#93PianoAC DC - Highway To Hellgavin_hillier
317,23111 years ago
#94PianoCinematic Sunrise - You told me you loved memeeetch
Pro Tabber
89,8169 years ago
#95Pianone-yo - all because of youlizzel410,7699 years ago
#96PianoBritney Spears - If You Seek Amy (F U C K me)steph312,6849 years ago
#97Pianokanye west - stronger (both parts)latinoboi471
412,2079 years ago
#98PianoM3 - Go Home--Winter Bells MixMatthewMcCollum
35,4741 year ago
#99PianoJun Sunome - Sonic The Hedgehog - Robotnik's ThemeXeroShadow
New Tabber
213,6428 years ago
#100PianoLegend of Zelda - Nocturne of ShadowJonathan Doane
Tab Guru
623,82310 years ago

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