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The All Time Highest Rated Tabs The All Time Highest Rated Tabs
Artist - Song 20:31:58.2239640TabberRatingVotesViewsLast Updated
#1PianoSteppenwolf - Born To Be WildEbon-Ivor
Tab Master
39,4799 years ago
#2PianoAlfred newman - 20th century fox fanfarenotessia
314,4217 years ago
#3Piano2pac - i ain't mad at'cha (chorus)barabass
New Tabber
215,00511 years ago
#4PianoMae - PrologueDzung
314,04011 years ago
#5PianoChristmas - Little Drummer Boy (multi instrumental remix)Reverso
Tab Master
510,7504 years ago
#6Pianokanye west - stronger (both parts)latinoboi471
411,9928 years ago
#7PianoZelda 2 - Temple Themeslickrick
35,6923 years ago
#8PianoMarilyn Manson - Sweet DreamsM_anstrom
220,60211 years ago
#9PianoTupac - ChangesPiano_Man
New Tabber
316,68710 years ago

#10PianoJohann Sebastian Bach - Invention No. 1 in C Major BWV 772Vortexx1988
New Tabber
516,8027 years ago
#11PianoAsking Alexandria - The Final Episode (full song)ihxcininja
218,4407 years ago
#12PianoLordi - magistra noteniNioN610,07011 years ago
#13PianoClannad - DangoHanzein27,4175 years ago
#14PianoToby Guzman - untitledunfinished.2toothpastellamas
Pro Tabber
39,4788 years ago
#15PianoLOLTheory - Messing AroundDudeImJesusLOL
Pro Tabber
39,4928 years ago
#16PianoDa Tickler - Guitar-To-Piano Note ConverterDa Tickler
415,3784 years ago
#17PianoA.R. Rehman - Jeans - NisarisaFor the Rajkumari556,37410 years ago
#18PianoScott Joplin - Maple Leaf RagMolsz
Pro Tabber
37,5937 years ago
#19PianoTheStig - Orchestral IIITheStig
46,5955 years ago
#20Pianoboss theme ? - boss theme ?Seanlos
24,2644 years ago
#21electric guitarYngwie Malmsteen - Caprici Di Diablorodney26,2337 years ago
#22PianoBen Folds - Jackson CanneryAnonymous212,4849 years ago
#23guitarDead by sunrise - Crawl back in ( intro)Anonymous25,7777 years ago
#24Pianokoji kondo - bolero of fireadamaaron
28,5669 years ago
#25PianoM3 - Groove No. 3MatthewMcCollum
36,7423 years ago
#26PianoOffice, The - The Office themeChris2413
Pro Tabber
312,8199 years ago
#27PianoCure, The - Just Like HeavenYo
Pro Tabber
230,31211 years ago
#28guitarHarold Fartermeyer - Axel F123me!35,7279 years ago
#29PianoChicago - Colour My World (intro)Ebon-Ivor
Tab Master
213,9689 years ago
#30PianoAllman Brothers - Whipping Post - MIDIDa Tickler
320,1129 years ago
#31PianoMario Bros - Mario Medleycaleighrose
Pro Tabber
26,2155 years ago
#32Pianothom yorke - guess again! (piano chords + midi)Thom34,9671 year ago
#33Pianoeraserheads - huling el bimbocamay
378,1049 years ago
#34PianoMortal Kombat - Mortal Kombatneila
214,8259 years ago
#35PianoEvermore - Light Surrounding You (complete)tabber dude
231,8516 years ago
#36PianoM3 - Superstitions of loveMatthewMcCollum
47,5503 years ago
#37PianoTheStig - No.10TheStig
45,2214 years ago
#38PianoMacklemore and Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop (feat. Wanz) Horn RiffJack Sheppard29,9855 years ago
#39PianoMe - Within the Clouds (written by Trogdorman)Trogdorman
Pro Tabber
210,44210 years ago
#40PianoGary Numan - Cars (Synth Riffs)The PianoMan
Tab Master
229,57810 years ago
#41PianoMGMT - Time to pretendgillam211,40710 years ago
#42PianoElton John - Can You Feel the Love TonightRachygirl
Tab Master
726,8718 years ago
#43PianoMuze - AmuzedLawrence510,0702 years ago
#44guitarBen Hays - work in progress 1Bandit48,5428 years ago
#45PianoHans Zimmer - Pacific Theme - HonorKevin219,9748 years ago
#46PianoAFI - Miss Murder (intro)MCR4000
211,48810 years ago
#47PianoGustavo Santaolalla - The Wings (Brokeback Mountain)CheeseBurger
217,6837 years ago
#48guitarChip Skylark - My Shiny Teeth and MeAnonymous213,3597 years ago
#49PianoPokemon - Goldenrod City (Gold, Silver, Crystal Versions)Cybris
Tab Master
417,0977 years ago
#50PianoBeethoven - Dead MarchBA
29,3036 years ago
#51PianoOzzy Osbourne - Diary of a MadmanAnonymous211,65610 years ago
#52PianoFrederic Chopin - Nocturne in E-flat major, op. 9 no. 2Molsz
Pro Tabber
721,6167 years ago
#53PianoNational, The - I Need My Girlbebeting
Tab Master
214,3284 years ago
#54PianoJasmin - ScientistJasmin
24,7136 years ago
#55PianoPlain White T's - Hey There Delilah (Piano Cover)marosi
28,3694 years ago
#56PianoMuchacho - New YearsMuchacho
Tab Master
416,6153 years ago
#57PianodIRE sTRAITS - Money for Nothingdire straits fan221,0719 years ago
#58PianoBrett and the Brettettes - Eschew ObfuscationBrettt
36,3953 years ago
#59PianoColdplay - Every Tear Drop Is A Waterfall (Intro)marosi
37,7026 years ago
#60PianoAsia - Heat of the MomentJenna =]212,18010 years ago
#61PianoJohn, Elton - Saturday Night's Alright - MIDIDa Tickler
58,3774 years ago
#62Pianoscott joplin - the entertainerMolsz
Pro Tabber
59,8677 years ago
#63PianoArchie Star - Apologies On Napkinsterkie
New Tabber
216,35111 years ago
#64PianoGoukisan - Guitar vs Piano 1.2 the piano partbanananana3333
New Tabber
211,1649 years ago
#65PianoZakk Wylde - Whiter Shade of PaleAnonymous213,16011 years ago
#66PianoMichael Jackson - Original Mashup - Beat It, Thriller, UnnamedAnonymous413,4466 years ago
#67PianoDa Tickler - Untitled No. 31 - MIDIDa Tickler
37,7774 years ago
#68PianoAdam Sandler - Grow Old With You (From The Wedding Singer)rockgirl007@gmail.com
Pro Tabber
533,1728 years ago
#69PianoAdam Lambert - Whataya Want From MeElliot 023
Tab Master
214,2096 years ago
#70Pianobeethoven - moonlight sonata backwards rmxBeethoven's Heir48,2574 years ago
#71PianoJingle bells - Jingle bellsArno
Pro Tabber
619,03410 years ago
#72PianoEmarosa - A City Called Coma Pt IItabber dude
28,4719 years ago
#73PianoDresden Dolls - Good DayDave412,13111 years ago
#74PianoKeyboard Cat - Keyboard Cat Melodywerety
28,6027 years ago
#75PianoBelliza - Mostaccioli BenderBelliza
413,9485 years ago
#76PianoPortishead - RoadsDJ Patron213,1599 years ago
#77PianoLegend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, The - Song of Timedragmire
Tab Master
333,6507 years ago
#78Pianokansas - carry on my wayward sonUnknown
Tab Master
213,2548 years ago
#79PianoJourney - Don't Stop Believin'Journey
Pro Tabber
218,3807 years ago
#80PianoAnonymous - unknownstarr25,4094 years ago
#81PianoRegina Spektor - Back of a Trucksteph
Tab Guru
221,92511 years ago
#82PianoHans Zimmer - Pacific Theme - HonorCross
311,6765 years ago
#83PianoBlack Eyed Peas - Just Can't Get Enoughmarosi
37,3915 years ago
#84PianoWolfmother - Joker and the Thiefeug3n3
Tab Master
420,95810 years ago
#85PianoSpongecola - Bitiwkenken29,59511 years ago
#86PianoWizards and Warriors - ThemeHotrootsoup
New Tabber
512,7079 years ago
#87PianoKoji Kondo - Super Mario - Overworld [ Arranged by Kyle Landry ]Cross
35,2505 years ago
#88guitarfat back band - Back strokinAnonymous212,60210 years ago
#89PianoLady Gaga - Born this wayxhaira
29,5597 years ago
#90PianoEscape The Fate - SituationsEllen^^
224,4379 years ago
#91PianoMEW - Circuitry of the wolfMedCas35,0597 years ago
#92PianoLegend of Zelda - Gerudo valley (easier)An.
Pro Tabber
715,4677 years ago
#93PianoMYMP - beauty and madnesserwin o dialogo322,34210 years ago
#94PianoSonata Arctica - Tallulah (FULL)JEGROCK39,5938 years ago
#95PianoCHRIS HENDY - coolio songchriskooks
79,4719 years ago
#96PianoIPtiga - NowhereIPtiga
Tab Guru
411,6077 years ago
#97PianoLegend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, The - Treasure Chestdragmire
Tab Master
420,5957 years ago
#98PianoDJ Sammy - Heaven (intro)Ashlee411,91611 years ago
#99bassGazette, The - CassisAn.
Pro Tabber
211,2547 years ago
#100PianoAttack Attack! - Catfish SoupHxCandGore
Pro Tabber
315,7319 years ago

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