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Damn Good Tabs (nearly perfect)
Artist - Song 07:13:42.4806264TabberRatingVotesViewsLast Updated
#1PianoSnoop Dogg - Boss's LifeTriple X420,59310 years ago
#2PianoNightwish - Sacrament of Wilderness (Intro)Vincestick
Pro Tabber
49,3536 years ago
#3PianoLegend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, The - Hyrule Castle Courtyardwerety
514,8687 years ago
#4PianoIn Fear And Faith - The Taste of Regret (Full Correct)domqwer
Pro Tabber
515,3749 years ago
#5PianoLegend of Zelda - Dark World ThemeAXiMe
719,0857 years ago
#6Pianoslickrick - rock remix 1 (nirvana + aerosmith + foo fighters)slickrick
315,3574 years ago
#7PianoSystem of a Down - Spiders(intro)Bonz7411,62210 years ago
#8PianoPendulum - The Other Sidedavid thomas49,3679 years ago

#10PianoKaty Perry - I Kissed a GirlxXdubbchubbsXx
New Tabber
310,5188 years ago
#11PianoAttack Attack! - Stick SticklygdizzleXcore
Pro Tabber
512,9908 years ago
#12PianoParokya Ni Edgar - Gitarabigg4lifeyol
New Tabber
327,10311 years ago
#13PianoHaddaway - What is Love (intro + chords)steph
Tab Guru
334,6416 years ago
#14PianoThree Days Grace - RiotGrayFox
Pro Tabber
713,4288 years ago
#15PianoBA - Cut FingerBA
48,0568 years ago
#16PianoUntitled No. - 111Untitled
New Tabber
38,8101 year ago
#17PianoNightwish - Dead Boy's PoemBloodyAngel
814,9649 years ago
#18PianoPhilip Glass - Truman SleepsTheLoughNessMonster
416,9877 years ago
#19PianoBreathe Carolina - Dont Forget Lock The DoorsgdizzleXcore
Pro Tabber
39,4619 years ago
#20PianoGarbage - Cherry LipsAnonymous514,21213 years ago
#21PianoAlicia Keys - If I Ain't Got Youjam437
Pro Tabber
36,2334 years ago
#22PianoHans Zimmer - Interstellar Teaser ThemeAnonymous58,3413 years ago
#23PianoUsed, The - I Caught FireBloodyAngel
316,9759 years ago
#24PianoLegend of Zelda - Deku villageSPRKRD
513,3629 years ago
#25PianoParamore - That's What You Get (Tribute)GrayFox
Pro Tabber
512,2438 years ago
#26PianoMy Chemical Romance - Blood (Hidden Track)Bass Queen731,30611 years ago
#27PianoDJ Shadow - Building Steam with a Grain of Saltatownes822,3793 years ago
#28PianoFort Minor - High Road (feat. John Legend)David Andrew Baker
523,2848 years ago
#29PianoBen Folds Five - Jackson CanneryAnonymous524,29910 years ago
#30PianoVideo Game - Metroid - Item GetKentan59,69010 years ago
#31PianoPanic! At The Disco - Time To Dance (Keyboard Intro)HRLQNxLUVR
Pro Tabber
424,36110 years ago
#32PianoMichael Montes - Overhead (Canon Rebel XSI Commercial Song)Ziggy230
Pro Tabber
413,3858 years ago
#33Pianotomtomgoo - my 1st probablytomtomgoo
Pro Tabber
39,2638 years ago
#34PianoMuse - Exogenesis symphony part 3 redemptionDawn H. Sare
New Tabber
730,2968 years ago
#35PianoPRODIGY, The - OMEN Repriseslickrick
534,5928 years ago
#36PianoWinds of Plague - A Cold Day in Hellemancipation
New Tabber
510,4259 years ago
#37PianoEminem - Nail In The CoffinPatron47,1468 years ago
#38guitarguns n' roses - sweet child of minethe_music_man
New Tabber
37,8679 years ago
#39Piano!!! ATTENTION All TabNabbers !!! - CollaborationAnonymous715,6874 years ago
#40PianoIncubus - Anna-Mollychristo!326,47211 years ago
#41PianoEditors - Well Worn HandsJodie
412,96710 years ago
#42PianoCure, The - A ForestAlberto1690413,31410 years ago
#43PianoFM Static - Take Me As I Amtabber dude
526,8228 years ago
#44PianoRocket Summer, The - Goodbye Waves and Drivewaysimmoreo39,63710 years ago
#45PianoUnderoath - Cries of the past (keyboard ending)Henderson 9er 9er310,35210 years ago
#46PianoStephen Speaks - Out of My League (Intro)kirk21
527,7469 years ago
#47PianoPapa Roach - Last ResortDspugs
713,6449 years ago
#48guitarSkillet - Better than drugsAnonymous312,3609 years ago
#49PianoSuper Mario - Bowser's RoadModel88
Tab Master
615,3048 years ago
#50PianoDragonforce - Dawn Over A New World (Piano Only)Cybris
Tab Master
321,6967 years ago
#51PianoIron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida - MIDIDa Tickler
315,6783 years ago
#52PianoRedwall - Redwall ThemeAnonymous818,0629 years ago
#53PianoSHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS - the farthest landvalincx35,5778 years ago
#54PianoJourney - Any Way You Want It - MIDIDa Tickler
816,7643 years ago
#55PianoLinkin Park - New DivideZiggy230
Pro Tabber
639,8218 years ago
#56PianoTrapt - headstrongiceplant
314,0739 years ago
#57Pianodaft punk - harder better faster strongerbmxrider0779
New Tabber
816,6628 years ago
#58PianoAnonymous - Song 26E55,5635 years ago
#59PianoGufs - AshesAnonymous35,25313 years ago
#60PianoChildren of Bodom - Everytime i Die Solo Keyboardsonicfreakrdz
Pro Tabber
314,16710 years ago
#61PianoAnonymous - WantedAnonymous316,09014 years ago
#62guitarFlobots - Handlebarsmatt610,0249 years ago
#63Piano~ - ~luizaapb
New Tabber
58,8189 years ago
#64PianoLegend of Zelda - Saria's Song (Lost Woods)AXiMe
413,8207 years ago
#65PianoJustin Bieber - Boyfriend (Piano Cover)marosi
412,5345 years ago
#66PianoJon L - NoneJon L
58,4161 year ago
#67PianoFort Minor - Believe MeAnonymous520,01611 years ago
#68PianoFm static - tonightIggix
New Tabber
317,8069 years ago
#69Pianoguns and roses - welcome to the junglevinceblacksuzuki36,0419 years ago
#70PianoDee, Kiki - I've Got The Music In Me - MIDIDa Tickler
712,4993 years ago
#71Pianobeatles, The - Becausetiny dancer
Tab Master
317,5858 years ago
#72Pianocastlevania - library theme (symphony of the night)jimbob311,31011 years ago
#73PianoBen Folds Five - VideoAnonymous47,52910 years ago
#74PianoPanic At The Disco - We're So Starvingconfuzzled243
Pro Tabber
614,6939 years ago
#75PianoRadiohead - Creep (intro)slickrick
723,9073 years ago
#76PianoJustice - CivilizationsixAxis
511,4363 years ago
#77PianoACDC - thunderstruckanonymous322,9127 years ago
#78Pianoblink 182 - I miss youxAAx54
New Tabber
565,7755 months ago
#79PianoOf Mice & Men - Second & SebringBiigBiscuit
336,8717 years ago
#80PianoBill Withers - Lean on MeOlesak
615,8569 years ago
#81PianoRed Hot Chili Peppers - Other Sidepianoplayya
New Tabber
413,93710 years ago
#82PianoFinal Fantasy VIII - Eyes on MeKarrotstix829,9248 years ago
#83Piano3OH!3 - StarstrukkMajandi
313,4527 years ago
#84PianoBlack Sabbath - Changes (intro)JoshRocks
New Tabber
322,7049 years ago
#85PianoSecondhand Serenade - StrangerJust.Me.
New Tabber
420,5309 years ago
#86PianoJonathan Doane - All Summer With CariJonathan Doane
Tab Guru
44,3219 years ago
#87PianoEnimem - Love The Way You Liemarosi
37,9875 years ago
#88Piano50 Cent - Places To GoAnonymous39,11413 years ago
#89PianoDresden Dolls - Half JackDave527,79611 years ago
#90PianoRammstein - Feuer Frei!NeonMatches
New Tabber
318,73110 years ago
#91PianoRadiohead - Last FlowersJames Alexander427,0069 years ago
#92PianoBorn Of Osiris - Abstract Art (Keyboard Solo)ChubbySkinnyKid423,4648 years ago
#93guitarscout niblett - kissbat eared fox39,9159 years ago
#94PianoACDC - Hell's Bells - MIDIDa Tickler
710,0313 years ago
#95PianoDeath Note - L's IdeaLLawliet37
311,9809 years ago
#96PianoM3 - SoliloquyMatthewMcCollum
71,66111 months ago
#97PianoAnonymous - SomethingAnonymous410,86514 years ago
#98PianoResident Evil - save roomthat guy
518,7539 years ago
#99PianoRed Hot Chili Peppers - Snow (Hey Oh)Unknown
Tab Master
321,0828 years ago
#100Pianoevanescence - bring me to life (intro)gallo
Pro Tabber
627,8509 years ago
#101PianoColdplay - Clocks (Intro)Duremville
419,0018 years ago
#102PianoAndrew Lloyd Webber - Music of the nightfortress
New Tabber
321,9479 years ago
#103PianoThree Days Grace - Never Too Lateeug3n3
Tab Master
623,7479 years ago
#104PianoKeri Hilson - Knock You Down (Main Riff)GrayFox
Pro Tabber
311,3678 years ago
#105PianoMozart - Turkish MarchTakeo
New Tabber
314,5767 years ago
#106Pianomgmt - kidsbennyboy200
328,6448 years ago
#107PianoMandy Moore - Cryerwin dialogo718,5139 years ago
#108PianoLinkin Park - What I've DoneEXero
Tab Guru
410,7084 years ago
#109PianoLegend of Zelda The Wind Waker, The - Medli's Prayerwerety
418,7137 years ago
#110PianoJustin Timberlake - What goes aroundMolsz
Pro Tabber
49,7937 years ago
#111PianoPaul Rudd - Yet to be titledRobobox
68,6198 years ago
#112PianoJonas Brothers - Much BetterJONASFREAK58,3348 years ago
#113PianoRunescape - Autumn Voyagewerety
315,4147 years ago
#114PianoWho, The - Baba O'RileyTrogdorman
Pro Tabber
821,6298 years ago
#115PianoZelda Ocarina Of Time - Saria's SongCandySuperNova
526,1538 years ago
#116PianoSigur Rós - HoppípollaRjdingwall1
Pro Tabber
363,2609 years ago
#117PianoBoxcar Racer - Cat Like Thiefmeeetch
Pro Tabber
56,0339 years ago
#118PianoTheme Song - Donkey Kong Original Arcade GameSeargentHobbes
Pro Tabber
419,9168 years ago
#119PianoChiodos - Interludegatekeeper
38,6348 years ago
#120Piano2pac - i aint mad at youyo314,63010 years ago
#121PianoDes'ree - Kissing Yousteph
Tab Guru
454,31210 years ago
#122PianoDeath Cab for Cutie - I will possess your heartslippy
Tab Master
511,9089 years ago
#123PianoAxel f - Crazy FrogElliot 023
Tab Master
312,5506 years ago
#124Piano403 Forbiddena - Southern Crosssteph
Tab Guru
519,5497 years ago
#125PianoPink Floyd - Wish You Were HereAnonymous820,13410 years ago
#126PianoMy Chemical Romance - Honey This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two of UsPiano_Addict
Pro Tabber
38,70610 years ago
#127Pianoeminem - lose yourself (intro)Krisco2121
New Tabber
317,4578 years ago
#128Pianodeathstars - cyanideDeathStars
New Tabber
49,83310 years ago
#129PianoDevil Wears Prada, The - This Song Is Called (the rest of it)butterslovesmusic
Pro Tabber
413,6159 years ago
#130PianoSpacepiano - Literal CliffhangersSpacePiano
49,0148 years ago
#131PianoMetallica - The Day That Never Comesnitro310,5308 years ago
#132PianoKillers, The - Somebody Told Merockgirl007@gmail.com
Pro Tabber
623,9018 years ago
#133Pianoambassadors, The - foreverAnonymous326,0067 years ago
#134PianoWiz Khalifa - Young Wild and Free ft. Snoop Doggmarosi
313,5195 years ago
#135PianoBeth Redman & Matt Redman - blessed be your namejennifer311,41010 years ago
#136PianoEwan Dobson - Time 2Cybris
Tab Master
313,2235 years ago
#137PianoAqua - My Mamma Saidsteph
Tab Guru
633,2908 years ago
#138PianoBullet For My Valentine - Heart Burst Into Fire (Intro)Majikku
819,9889 years ago
#139PianoHarry Potter - Harry Potter Theme (both hands)Rachygirl
Tab Master
720,2676 years ago
#140PianoChiodos - Lindsay Quit LollygaggingAnonymous313,29710 years ago
#141Pianotheme - eastendersgallo
Pro Tabber
38,45210 years ago
#142PianoSlipknot - Vermilion Pt. 2trpl-npl621,9268 years ago
#143PianoCarly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybemarosi
47,2075 years ago
#144PianoZao - VioletAnonymous47,67113 years ago
#145PianoPink Floyd - Moneygatekeeper
615,2558 years ago
#146PianoRunescape - Flute Saladwerety
310,2647 years ago
#147PianoKaty Perry - Fireworkmarosi
48,0045 years ago
#148PianoMims - This is why I'm hotcochranite516,93810 years ago
#149PianoBatman - Batman themeShaykeyJaykey
Pro Tabber
611,9678 years ago
#150Pianochopin - funeral marchAnonymous511,26810 years ago
#151PianoM3 - Groove No. 2MatthewMcCollum
54,6042 years ago
#152PianoFlipsyde, (Ft Piper, and TaTu) - Happy BirthdayCRAZY?!?
New Tabber
649,0981 year ago
#153electric guitarRob Pattinson - Let me SignAnonymous316,6479 years ago
#154PianoStereophonics - Handbags and GladragsAnonymous334,33513 years ago
#155Pianosecond hand serenade - fall for youmairac
New Tabber
38,7919 years ago
#156PianoDevil Wears Prada, The - Gimme Halfkilliandead
Pro Tabber
318,5318 years ago
#157guitarPendulum - The Tempesthim614,1497 years ago
#158PianoFive For Fighting - Superman (It's Not Easy) - MIDIDa Tickler
519,9303 years ago
#159PianoLady Gaga - Bad Romancesyvelocin
Pro Tabber
615,2277 years ago
#160PianoLMFAO - Party Rock AnthemCross
36,5235 years ago
#161PianoHIM - in the night side of edenAnonymous37,36510 years ago
#162PianoCoheed and Cambria - Welcome Hometest312,8819 years ago
#163PianoMitch - idk ya digg?? i was bored and wrote random stuffmeeetch
Pro Tabber
46,2809 years ago
#164PianoBelliza - Troubled WatersBelliza
36,2396 years ago
#165PianoRed Hot Chili Peppers - Scar TissueArno
Pro Tabber
312,4559 years ago
#166PianoMetallica - The Unforgiven (original)annabear890
Pro Tabber
414,0419 years ago
#167PianoEdvard Grieg - Morning Mood (Peer Gynt)Rahmat512,42711 years ago
#168PianoBeetles, The - ImagineAnonymous643,0588 years ago
#169PianoToto - Hold The Line - MIDIDa Tickler
742,3793 years ago
#170PianoGreen Day - Holiday2hands
518,5138 years ago
#171PianoMichael Andrews - Gretchen RossBRANDONWILLIAMS
39,4846 years ago
#172PianoBloc Party - Helicopter Intro - Lead and RhythmTrogdorman
Pro Tabber
38,5758 years ago
#173PianoLittle Mermaid - PART OF YOUR WORLDRachygirl
Tab Master
413,0278 years ago
#174Pianoneon genesis evangelion - cruel angelsRookiedoa79,74410 years ago
#175Pianobig bang theory, The - tbbtElliot 023
Tab Master
419,4916 years ago
#176PianoPRODIGY, The - NO GOODbennyboy200521,0649 years ago
#177PianoAlesana - Apologyoutlawheart
845,6168 years ago
#178PianoEric Clapton - Wonderful TonightTunder
Tab Guru
624,1278 years ago
#179PianoHillsong United - Deeply In LovePhunghue416,4178 years ago
#180PianoBeethoven - Fur EliseBobbyT_97
New Tabber
425,9306 years ago
#181PianoLady Gaga - Speechless (Full Song)DarkAngel
8106,7528 years ago
#182PianoDragonforce - Where dragons rule (intro)Cybris
Tab Master
723,5376 years ago
#183PianoEXero - Untitled 5EXero
Tab Guru
45,1134 years ago
#184guitarPassenger - Let Her Go (Middle)Mandu33,4063 years ago
#185guitarAvril Lavigne - HotSam00100
310,85410 years ago
#186Pianofun. - We Are YoungTheStig
312,3245 years ago
#187PianoEvanescence - Call Me When Youre SoberKristine513,1079 years ago
#188PianoSuper Mario - Hammer Brotherspjschro
Pro Tabber
57,8687 years ago
#189Pianobroove - heartbeatsunnamedmeldy
New Tabber
421,9868 years ago
#190PianoNational Anthem - Kingdom of Bhutan Theme SongAnonymous325,72914 years ago
#191PianoColdplay - Life in Technicolor Igatekeeper
410,1638 years ago
#192PianoSoundgarden - Black Hole Sunskribbleh
69,5867 years ago
#193guitarRage Against the machine - Degeneration xTreschen38,59710 years ago
#194PianoAiza Seguerra - Pagdating ng Panahonerwin o dialogo640,7469 years ago
#195PianoRapture, The - How Deep Is Your LoveAnonymous420,2885 years ago
#196PianoAdele - rolling in the deepElliot 023
Tab Master
517,4326 years ago
#197guitarGreen Day - Wake Me Up When September EndsConverse All Star Black
69,2769 years ago
#198guitar30 seconds to Mars - The StoryAnonymous49,54610 years ago
#199PianoAvenged Sevenfold - Seize The Day (Solo)Lancaster520,36810 years ago
#200Pianone-yo - all because of yousoph732,80910 years ago

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