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Chord Root:
C C# Db D D# Eb E F F# Gb G G# Ab A A# Bb B
Chord Name:
DD MajorDmaj
DM7D Major 7thDmaj7
DmD MinorDmin
Dm6D Minor 6th
Dm7D Minor 7th
Dm9D Minor 9th
D Minor 13th
Dsus2D Suspended 2nd
Dsus4D Suspended 4th
D dim
D dim7
DM7add13D Major 7th add 13
DM9D Major 9
DM11D Major 11th
DM13D Major 13th
Dm11D Minor 11th
DmM7D Minor Major 7th
D Minor Major 9
D Minor Major 11
D Minor Major 13
D(9)D Add 9
Dm(9)D Minor add 9
D6(9)D 6 add 9
Dm6(9)D Minor 6th add 9
D Dominant 7th add 11
D Major 7th add 11
D Minor 7th add 11
D Minor Major 7th add 11
D7D Dominant 7th
D Dominant 7th add 13
D Minor 7th add 13
D Minor Major 7th add 13
D 7b5
D 7#5
D 9#11
D 9b13
D Major 7th Sus4
D Major 9 Sus4

Chord: D Major

    = Chord Root (d)
    = Chord Notes ( F#, a )
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