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by: Steph
T|  Artist Name: Vanessa Carlton
A|  Song Name  : Who's to say
B|  ==========================================================
R|    [AA
]        [EE
] .|  Stand up straight C|   [C#mC#m
]     [BB
] O|  Do your trick M|                [AA
] -|  Turn on the stars T|   [EE
]     [C#mC#m
]        [BB
] A|  Jupiter shines so bright B|                [AA
] N|  When you're around A|                 [EE
] B|  They tell us slow down B|  [C#mC#m
]              [BB
] E|  We're too young, you need to grow R|       [AA
]           [EE
] .|  The speed's the key C|   O|       [C#mC#m
]        [BB
]          [AA
] M|  And they don't know who we are -|   T|  (same chords through out Chorus) A|  And who's to say that we're not good enough B|  And who's to say that this is not our love N|  Mother, don't tell me friends are the ones that I lose A|  Cause they'd bleed before you B|  And sometimes family are the ones you'd choose B|  It's too late now E|  I hold on to this life I found R|  And who's to say we won't burn it out .|  And who's to say we won't sink in doubt C|  Who's to say that we won't fade to grey O|  Who are they anyway M|  Anyway they don't know -|   T|  [AA
]       [BB
] A|  And you say we're too young B|              [C#mC#m
]               [EE
] N|  But maybe you're too old to remember A|  [AA
]      [BB
]                          [C#mC#m
]               [EE
] B|  And I try to pretend but I just feel it when we're together B|  [AA
]       [BB
]                        [C#mC#m
]               [EE
] E|  And if you don't believe me, you never really knew us R|  [AA
]     [BB
] .|  You never really knew C|   O|  You and I, packin' up my room, we feel alright M|  But we're not welcome -|  Soon we'll be drivin', cause they don't know who we are T|  Who's to say we won't stay together A|  Who's to say we aren't getting stronger B|  Who's to say I can't live without you, oh N|  Who are they anyway A|  Anyway they don't know B|  And you say we're too young B|  But maybe you're too old to remember E|  And I try to pretend, but I just feel it when we're together R|  Who is to say .|  And who is to say C|  And who are they anyway O|  Stand up boy, I shine so bright when you're around M|  
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