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Piano Tab, Chords

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by: atlmuffins

T|  5|---------------------C-e--e-d-d---------------------------------|
A|  4|--a--F--a--e--d--a-b--------------------------------------------|
B|  3|----------------------------------------------------------------|
N|  2|----------------------------------------------------------------|
B|  [DD
] B|  give me more lovin then i've ever had E|  [AA
] R|  make it all better when i'm feelin sad .|  [BmBm
]                                          [AA
] C|  tell me that i'm special even when i know i'm not O|  [DD
] M|  make me feel good when i hurt so bad -|  [AA
] T|  barely gettin mad A|               [BmBm
] B|  im so glad i found you N|                 [AA
] A|  i love bein around you B|               [GG
] B|  you make it easy E|            [AA
] R|  as easy as 1 2,(1 2 3 4) .|         C|              [DD
]      [A/C#A
] [BmBm
]        [AA
] [GG
] O|  theres only one thing two do three words four you M|  [GmGm
]    [DD
] -|   i love you T|   A|  (i love you) B|              [DD
]     [A/C#A
]        [BmBm
] N|  theres only one way two say those three words A|      [AA
]             [GG
] B|  and that's what i'll do B|   E|   R|  [GmGm
]    [DD
] .|   i love you C|   O|  (i love you) M|   -|   T|  [DD
] A|   give me more lovin from the very start B|  [AA
] N|   piece me back together when i fall apart A|  [BmBm
]                                             [AA
] B|   tell me things you never even tell your closest friends B|  [DD
] E|   make me feel good when i hurt so bad R|  [AA
]                                    [BmBm
] .|   best that i've had im so glad that i found you C|  [AA
] O|   i love bein around you M|   -|   T|              [GG
]            [AA
] A|  you make it easy as easy as 1 2,(1 2 3 4) B|   N|   A|              [DD
]      [A/C#A
]   [BmBm
]       [AA
] [GG
] B|  theres only one thing two do three words four you B|  [GmGm
]    [DD
] E|   i love you. R|   .|   C|               [DD
]    [A/C#A
]          [BmBm
] O|   theres only one way two say those three words M|      [AA
]               [GG
] -|   and that's what i'll do T|  [GmGm
]   [DD
]   [GG
] [DD
] A|   i love you. i love you B|   N|   A|  solo B|   B|   E|  4|--|----e--F-F-F-d-e--F-F-e--F-F-F-d-e--F-F---|----e--F-F-F-d-e--F-F-d-e-d-C--------| R|  3|--|------------------------------------------|------------------------------a------| .|   C|  4|--e--F-F-F-d-e--F-F-e--F-F-F-d-a-g-F---|----e-e-F-d-e-d-F-e-d-----| O|  3|---------------------------------------|----------------------a---| M|   -|   T|              [GG
]              [AA
] A|  you make it easy, its easy as 1234 B|   N|  Single Strum chords: A|             [DD
]       [A/C#A
]    [BmBm
]      [AA
]    [GG
] B|  theres only one thing two do three words four you B|  [GmGm
]    [DD
] E|   i love you R|              [DD
]     [A/C#A
]        [BmBm
] .|  theres only one way two say those three words C|  [AA
]              [GG
] O|   thats what ill do M|  [GmGm
]    [DD
] -|   i love you T|   A|   B|  5|---------------------C-e--e-d-d---------------------------------| N|  4|--a--F--a--e--d--a-b--------------------------------------------| A|  3|----------------------------------------------------------------| B|  2|----------------------------------------------------------------| B|   E|   R|   .|   C|   O|   M|  
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Comments / Corrections (3):

Don't worry

(1 year ago)
A/c# is the note A on the piano and C sharp on the piano


Lil musician

New Tabber
[New Recruit]

(6 years ago)
is [A/C#] a chord or just the notes?? er....??



(7 years ago)
yay! i luv this song


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