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by: asdfghjkl;teresa
T|  Intro: [CC
] [AmAm
] A|   B|   N|  Verse: A|   B|  [CC
]                                        [AmAm
] B|  Left your T-shirt in my room E|   R|                           [CC
] .|  Still smells of you C|                                                                        [AmAm
] O|  And the picture you hung on the door lay smashed M|  [GG
] -|  Picture perfect T|  [CC
] A|  Explains now, clearly B|   N|  [AmAm
]                 [GG
] A|  Nothing left but a memory B|  [CC
] B|  We only made out E|   R|  [AmAm
] .|  You never kissed me C|  [EmEm
]                                                [GG
] O|   M|  That's how I learned to hold back all feeling -|   T|   A|  Chorus: B|  [CC
]                   [AmAm
] N|  Wait, please don't go A|          [EmEm
] B|  I won't stay B|            [GG
]                           [CC
] E|  All these words on replay R|        [AmAm
]       [EmEm
] .|  I'm ok, it's alright C|                     [GG
] O|  Good to know that you're fine M|  [CC
]                  [AmAm
]                 [EmEm
] -|  Pretending everything is right T|   A|     [GG
] B|  To make it better N|  [CC
]                      [AmAm
] A|  I'll hide my makeup smeared eyes B|     [GG
] B|  To show that I'm fine E|   R|   .|  Verse: C|   O|  [CC
] M|  Somehow you have managed to get -|  [AmAm
] T|  Under my skin, more than anyone ever did A|  [CC
] B|  If every hole makes a scar, and every scar marks its place N|  [AmAm
] A|  Then I will never leave freely without your trace B|   B|  [CC
]                                                         [AmAm
] E|  And it'll never be fair, I wrote my songs for you R|          [GG
] .|  And you never even cared C|  [CC
] O|  So I'll forget you, M|  [AmAm
] -|  I'll wash your T-shirt T|  [EmEm
] A|   B|  Kill the pillow and N|  [GG
] A|  Cut you out of pictures B|   B|   E|  Chorus: R|  [CC
]                             [AmAm
] .|  Wait, please don't go C|          [EmEm
] O|  I won't stay M|            [GG
]                           [CC
] -|  All these words on replay T|        [AmAm
]       [EmEm
] A|  I'm ok, it's alright B|                     [GG
] N|  Good to know that you're fine A|  [CC
]                  [AmAm
]               [EmEm
] B|  Pretending everything is right B|   E|     [GG
] R|  To make it better .|  [CC
]                    [AmAm
]                         [GG
] C|  I'll hide my makeup smeared eyes O|   M|  Bridge: x3 Times -|  [FF
] T|  This drama sat shot gun A|          [GG
] B|  My eyes rain like autumn N|                   [CC
] A|  Only the glove box knows B|                 [EmEm
] B|  How the story goes E|                            [FF
] R|  Now that this bandage is broken .|                   [GG
] C|  And the cuts left it open O|                      [CC
] M|  I'll tell you just one thing -|                      [EmEm
] T|  This wasn't worth the sting A|  [FF
]      [GG
]      [CC
] B|               (Hold the End Note) ; ) N|   A|  
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