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Piano Tab, Chords

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by: AdamGlambert

New Tabber
[New Recruit]
T|  Hai fellow Glamberts =D
A|  This tab is fairly simple- the capital letters are black keys, small letters are white.
B|  Just play it slowly a few times, it's not hard. The parts where it goes from three F's 
N|  to three D's is a little hard, but its easy to master. xD
A|  If you listle to the song enough, its REALLY easy to figure out the octaves.
B|  Check me out on
B|  My user is TheyCallMeChaotic.
R|  Oh, I didn't put the second part on but it's basically the first part repeated. 
.|  Very easy. 
-|  A    A   F   F   F    D   D   F  G    A   A 
T|  So hot, out the box, Can we pick up the pace?
A|   A   A  A    F   F   F  D  D   D  F   G  A    A
B|  Turn it up, heat it up, I need to be entertained
N|  A     A    F F   F   D   D    D  F G   A    C   A
A|  Push the limit, are you with it, baby don't be afraid
B|  D F    G   G    G    G   F D
B|  Imma hurt you real good baby
E|    A   A    F  F    F   D D  F   G   A A
R|  Let's go, its my show, baby do what I say
.|   A      A   F   F    F     D   D  F G    A A
C|  Don't trip off the glitz that Im gonna display
O|  A  A    F F  F   D   D   D   F G   A    C     A
M|  I told ya Imma hold ya down until you feel 'mazed
-|    D   F G   G  G      F    C    A  G   F
T|  Give it to ya till you're screamin my name 
B|  f   D f D    f   D    A
N|  No escaping when I start
A|   f   D   f D f     D     F
B|  Once Im in I own your heart
B|    f    D   f   D  G    F   f A
E|  Theres no way to ring the alarm
R|  G    G  F   G F   G   A
.|  So hold on until its over
O|  F  D   f    F f    D   C A C
M|  Do ya know whatcha got into?
-|  C    D   F f    D   C     A D
T|  Can you handle what Im bout to do?
A|    D   f    F F   f  D    C    A   C
B|  Cause its about to get rough for you
N|  G     G   F   G      G F b A
A|  I'm here for your entertainment 
E|  Annnnd thats pretty much it.
.|  PS- 50 seconds into the for your entertainment video iis the hottest thing i have EVER seen...
C|  Be sure to check that out =D

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Comments / Corrections (4):


(6 years ago)
Well if you can't read the crap, you're an idiot, cause it's shockingly easy.



(6 years ago)
wat the hell............i wanted notes.....u kno.......with a staff and a treble cleff and minims and crotchets and semibreves....wat u have crap!!!!!!!!!!!!



(7 years ago)
xD i was too lazy to log in.
Ahh, not judging you over the horse thing. =P been there, done that.
Ahh... I think it would be a fairly song for trotting.Fever (another one of adam lamberts) would probably work for you, too.
heres the links to them-



(7 years ago)
Hi, I know this sounds really naive, but what 'meter/time' is this song in? It was recommended to me, because I am looking for a song to play while trotting my horse. Yes, that's right, my horse. I am trying to find songs with a steady beat, but I don't know what the beat is! If I could find that out, I'd be able to look for more songs like this!



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