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by: Anonymous
T|  Depeche Mode: stripped    (Black Celebration)
B|  tabbed by:  CLAB (
A|  I found the chords on a site, which were a useful lead
B|  to tab this. The notes, are all mine. The chords are in
B|  brackets. I´m finishing the tab for "little 15", but I
E|  don´t know when exactly. Should be soon, but who knows?
.|  INTRO :  D [?] / [DmDm
] C|   O|  VERSE 1 : M|  [DmDm
] -|   A    F   A DA   A   F    A T|  Come with me   into the trees A|  [AA
] B|            A   F    E    AE N|  we´ll lay on the grass A|                       [DmDm
] B|          A    F    E    AFED B|  and let the time pass E|  [DmDm
] R|   A    F   A DA   A   F    A .|  Take my hand   into the land C|  [AA
]                           [DmDm
] O|         A F E AE      A F    E   AFED M|  Let´s get away   just for one day -|   T|  CHORUS: A|  [CC
]            [GmGm
]                  [BbBb
] [DmDm
] B|  *DCDD repeated again and again* N|  Let me see you stripped down to the bone A|  Let me see you stripped down to the bone B|   B|  SOLO : AGACA / AGAGFD [x8] [under a [Dm] chord] E|   R|  VERSE 2: .|  [DmDm
] C|  Metropolis has nothing on this O|  [AA
] M|  you´re breathing in fumes -|                    [DmDm
] T|                      AFED A|  I taste when I kiss B|  [DmDm
] N|  Take my hand back into the land A|  [AA
]                               [DmDm
] B|                                         AFED B|  where everything´s out for a few hours E|   R|  CHORUS : .|   C|  [CC
]            [GmGm
]                  [BbBb
] [DmDm
] O|  DCDD                                SOLO x1 M|  Let me see you stripped down to the bone -|  [CC
]            [GmGm
]                  [BbBb
] [DmDm
] T|  DCDD                               SOLO x1 A|  Let me see you stripped down to the bone B|   N|  CHORUS 2 : A|  [CC
]             [GmGm
] B|     G-C              D-G B|  Let me hear you make decisions E|  [BbBb
]             [DmDm
] R|   F-Bb            A-D .|  without your television C|  [CC
]             [GmGm
]              [BbBb
] [DmDm
] O|   G-C            D-G               F-B    A-D M|                                      SOLO x1 -|  when I hear you speaking just for me T|   A|  [END] B|   N|  The remaining lines ("Let me...when I hear you..") are played in the A|  same style as the part above. Then it´s all DCDD until the end. B|   B|   E|  NOTES : R|   .|  * For the intro, there´s a note played which I think can be a D, C|  then the sound of the engine, and then starts the chord. O|   M|  * In verse 1, the notes sound fine with a piano. The chords are -|  played in the song with some kind of brass, so they may not sound OK. T|   A|  * For chorus 1, play DCDD repeatedly over the chorus, with the B|  chords, which I can´t notice whether they sound or not in this part. N|   A|  * Verse 2 : the chords take over here, and only the notes I marked B|  are played along with them B|   E|  * 2nd chorus, part 1 : Same as the first one, except for the end, R|  where the solo notes are played. For what I remember (I don´t have .|  the song at the moment), the four notes of the first chorus remain C|  during the solo is being played. O|   M|  * 2nd chorus, part 2 : During this part, continues the DCDD and -|  there´s another tune behind it. I couldn´t distinguish it very well, T|  but I think this is close. It´s something like a brass. A|   B|  
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New Tabber
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(8 years ago)
i think this is right, based on the song anyway


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