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Piano Tab, Chords

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by: TheAntiRoxas

New Tabber
[New Recruit]
T|  Hey! It's TheAntiRoxas back again with more Yoko Shimomura piano music for
A|  the exclusive right-handed-only keyboard masters! If you don't understand how
B|  Tablature works, and you are a Guest/beginner, please select the "Y" button
N|  in the alphabet above, go to the first Yoko Shimomura listed on the jumbled
A|  music performers list, and find the Kairi 2-18 I did. You know where to look,
B|  and if you don't, there's a huge, all-capitalized section I put in there for
B|  beginner's only! Thanks!
R|  Honestly, I think this song sounds better on a full piano. If you don't have
.|  one, and own a crappish sixty-one keyed electronical keyboard like I do, then
C|  just put the tone at Electronic Grand Piano (E.Grand, or E.G.P., or E.G.Piano.
O|  Just so long as it's something along those lines). Anyways, on a keyboard,
M|  this song would normally be played at the third-to-highest set of keys
-|  (set, in my vocabulary, meaning a-G, thank you very much)--so just bear with
T|  me here, full-piano-playing maistros (did I spell that right!?).
B|  Oh, and one more quick note: Look, I know in the beginning it sounds like
N|  The Other Promise by Yoko Shimomura. Honestly, both of Roxas and The Other
A|  Promise come into play during Roxas' side of the story in Kingdom Hearts II
B|  and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, so please just stand through the whole song.
B|  Usually, people hear the beginning, flip out, then click the back button
E|  because they think I've gotten the music wrong. Seriously, people, I haven't.
R|  Go onto and type in "Roxas Yoko Shimomura" in the little search
.|  engine box, and it'll start out the same way I have it. Jeezums--just wanted
C|  to get that across before I get some whacked-up comments. Anyways, I'm sure
O|  I've talked your little ears off long enough. Now, on with the show...!
-|  5|-----------------|-----------------|-------------------|-----------|
T|  4|-e-a---e-a---e-a-|-f-a---f-a---f-a-|-f-a-f-e-d-c-A-c---|-A-c-d-c-f-|
A|  3|-----g-----g-----|-----g-----g-----|-----------------f-|-----------|
B|  2|-----------------|-----------------|-------------------|-----------|
A|  5|--------------|---------------|-------|----------------------------|
B|  4|-A-a-A-c-d-ce-|-fa-ge-fa-e-eg-|-f-e-d-|----------------------------|
B|  3|--------------|---------------|-------|----------------------------|
E|  2|--------------|---------------|-------|----------------------------|
.|  Basically, you just repeat yourself a couple of times after that with the 
C|  song, and then at the ending, you repeat the first two parts I showed you
O|  for three times, fading out in the song as you do so--giving that signature
M|  effect Yoko seems to mystify every one of her beloved fans with. Anyways,
-|  I believe that that's the end of the right-handed part of Roxas by Yoko 
T|  Shimomura. Soon, I'll make left-handed versions for all my Tablatures, so
A|  keep your eyes peeled. Also, if you could give me some constructive critism?
B|  I'd appreciate it if you did that and possibly helped me correct any mistakes
N|  I didn't find. Thanks!

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