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by: kurniawan4000

New Tabber
[New Recruit]
T|  Hello! This is my first work. I asked around for help but to no avail so, I went about figuring out this song myself and it sounds somewhat okay. It's from the Disney Original Movie: Read It And Weep. Cheers! Anything, please e-mail me at! Thanks!
B|  Intro:
N|      [AbAb
]      [EbEb
]     [C#C#
]      [EbEb
] A|  4|--G-g-D---G-g-D---G-g-D-D-A---|- B|   B|  [AbAb
]            [EbEb
]               [C#C#
] E|  You said your time was running out R|          [EbEb
] .|  You're far from where you wanna be C|  [AbAb
]             [EbEb
]               [C#C#
] O|  You're hanging in the lost and found M|          [EbEb
] -|  You're losing touch with everything T|  [FmFm
]           [EbEb
]               [C#C#
] A|  And when you need someone to lean on B|  [AbAb
]     [EbEb
]       [C#C#
] N|  I will be around A|            [EbEb
] B|  When you think its over B|  [AbAb
]      [EbEb
]        [C#C#
] E|  I won't let you down R|          [EbEb
] .|  If your luck runs out C|              [FmFm
]                 [EbEb
]        O|  And when it feels like life is holding you down M|  C# -|  Whenever you need me T|  [EbEb
] A|  I will be around B|  [C#C#
]                                [AbAb
] N|  Don't worry this won't last forever A|  [C#C#
]                                [C#sus4C#sus4
] [C#C#
] B|  You'll be alright better late than never B|  [AbAb
]     [EbEb
]      [C#C#
] E|  I will be around R|          [EbEb
] .|  When you think its over C|  [AbAb
]      [EbEb
]        [C#C#
] O|  I won't let you down M|          [EbEb
] -|  If your luck runs out T|  [AbAb
]     [EbEb
]      [C#C#
] A|  I will be around B|          [EbEb
] N|  When you think its over A|  [AbAb
]      [EbEb
]        [C#C#
] B|  I won't let you down B|          [EbEb
] E|  If your luck runs out R|  [FmFm
]                             [EbEb
] .|  And when it feels like life is holding you down C|  [C#C#
] O|  Whenever you need me M|  [C#C#
] -|  Whenever you need me T|  [EbEb
]               [AbAb
] [EbEb
] A|  I will be around B|   N|  Nick Whitaker is a good singer! Just love this song he sang. Cheers! =) A|   B|   B|  
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Comments / Corrections (2):


(7 years ago)
please i'm from uruguay, i play the guitarr but i dont understand the chords, if someone could make a traduction i would be pleased. From now on thanks a lot



(8 years ago)
this song is a love
i love i will be around(the song XD)


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