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Piano Tab, Chords

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by: luis
T|  -Intro-
B|  [CC
] - [DD
] - [EmEm
] x2 N|   A|  -Verse 1- B|   B|   E|  [CC
]               [DD
]        [EmEm
]     R|   Waiting for your call, I'm sick, call I'm angry .|            [CC
]                  [DD
] C|  call I'm desperate for your voice O|        [EmEm
]                          [CC
] M|  listening to the song we used to sing -|          [DD
]             [EmEm
] T|  In the car, do you remember A|                      [CC
] B|  Butterfly, Early Summer N|          [DD
]        [EmEm
]                           [CC
] A|  - [EmEm
] B|   B|  It's playing on repeat, Just like when we would meet E|                    [CC
]     [DD
] - [EmEm
] R|  Like when we would meet .|   C|   O|  -Chorus- M|   -|  3|----------g---------------------------------|- T|  3|---d-d-d-d----------F---------e---------c---|- A|  2|---b-b-b-b---a-a-a-a---b-b-b-b---g-g-g-g----|- B|  2|---g-g-g-g---F-F-F-F---g-g-g-g---e-e-e-e----|- N|  2|-------------d-d-d-d---e-e-e-e---c-c-c-c----|- A|   B|  I was born to tell you I love you B|   E|  3|----------g---------------------------------|- R|  3|---d-d-d-d----------F---------e---------c---|- .|  2|---b-b-b-b---a-a-a-a---b-b-b-b---g-g-g-g----|- C|  2|---g-g-g-g---F-F-F-F---g-g-g-g---e-e-e-e----|- O|  2|-------------d-d-d-d---e-e-e-e---c-c-c-c----|- M|          -|  and I am torn to do what I have to, to make you mine T|   (C) A|  Stay with me tonight B|   N|  -Verse 2- A|   B|   B|  [CC
]                 [DD
]           [EmEm
] E|   Stripped and pollished, I am new, I am fresh R|          [CC
]          [DD
]               [EmEm
] .|  I am feeling so ambitious, you and me, flesh to flesh C|                 [CC
]                   [DD
] O|  Because every breath that you will take M|   -|                 [EmEm
] T|  while you are sitting next to me A|               [CC
]             [DD
]           [EmEm
] B|  will bring life into my deepest hopes, What's your fantasy? N|          [CC
]               [DD
]           [EmEm
] A|  - [DD
] - [EmEm
] B|  What's your....(What's your, What's your..) What's your.. B|   E|  -Chorus- R|   .|  3|----------g---------------------------------|- C|  3|---d-d-d-d----------F---------e---------c---|- O|  2|---b-b-b-b---a-a-a-a---b-b-b-b---g-g-g-g----|- M|  2|---g-g-g-g---F-F-F-F---g-g-g-g---e-e-e-e----|- -|  2|-------------d-d-d-d---e-e-e-e---c-c-c-c----|- T|   A|  I was born to tell you I love you B|  3|----------g---------------------------------|- N|  3|---d-d-d-d----------F---------e---------c---|- A|  2|---b-b-b-b---a-a-a-a---b-b-b-b---g-g-g-g----|- B|  2|---g-g-g-g---F-F-F-F---g-g-g-g---e-e-e-e----|- B|  2|-------------d-d-d-d---e-e-e-e---c-c-c-c----|- E|   R|  and I am torn to do what I have to, to make you mine .|  (C) C|  Stay with me tonight O|   M|  -Breakdown- -|   T|         [EmEm
]    [DD
]     [CC
]          [DD
] A|         [DD
]               [CC
] B|  And I'm tired of being all alone, and this solitary moment makes me want to N|             [DD
] A|  come back home x4 B|   B|  (I know everything you wanted isn't anything you have) x2 E|   R|  -Chorus- .|   C|  3|----------g---------------------------------|- O|  3|---d-d-d-d----------F---------e---------c---|- M|  2|---b-b-b-b---a-a-a-a---b-b-b-b---g-g-g-g----|- -|  2|---g-g-g-g---F-F-F-F---g-g-g-g---e-e-e-e----|- T|  2|-------------d-d-d-d---e-e-e-e---c-c-c-c----|- A|   B|  I was born to tell you I love you N|   A|  3|----------g---------------------------------|- B|  3|---d-d-d-d----------F---------e---------c---|- B|  2|---b-b-b-b---a-a-a-a---b-b-b-b---g-g-g-g----|- E|  2|---g-g-g-g---F-F-F-F---g-g-g-g---e-e-e-e----|- R|  2|-------------d-d-d-d---e-e-e-e---c-c-c-c----|- .|   C|  and I am torn to do what I have to O|   M|  3|----------g---------------------------------|- -|  3|---d-d-d-d----------F---------e---------c---|- T|  2|---b-b-b-b---a-a-a-a---b-b-b-b---g-g-g-g----|- A|  2|---g-g-g-g---F-F-F-F---g-g-g-g---e-e-e-e----|- B|  2|-------------d-d-d-d---e-e-e-e---c-c-c-c----|- N|   A|  I was born to tell you I love you B|   B|  3|----------g---------------------------------|- E|  3|---d-d-d-d----------F---------e---------c---|- R|  2|---b-b-b-b---a-a-a-a---b-b-b-b---g-g-g-g----|- .|  2|---g-g-g-g---F-F-F-F---g-g-g-g---e-e-e-e----|- C|  2|-------------d-d-d-d---e-e-e-e---c-c-c-c----|- O|   M|  and I am torn to do what I have to   x2 -|   T|  (I know everything you wanted isn't anything you have) second time thru A|      [CC
]              [CC
]                 [CC
] (Let it ring out) B|  To make you mine, Stay with me tonight... N|  
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New Tabber
[New Recruit]

(5 years ago)
dood! dont just get the left hand in there get both hands in there and do the whole song!!!


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