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Piano Tab, Chords

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by: steph
T|  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
A|  That's All                       Genesis
B|  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
N|  (piano tab format)
B|  Chords:
B|    [Gadd9] [EmEm
] [Asus] [GG
] [DD
] [Am7Am7
] [Amsus4] [CM7CM7
] E|  4|-------|----|--e---|----|-F-|-g---|---g----|------| R|  4|--g----|--e-|--d---|-g--|-d-|-c---|---c----|---e--| .|  3|--b----|--b-|--a---|-b--|-a-|-g---|---a----|---g--| C|  3|--g----|--g-|--d---|-g--|-d-|-e---|---e----|---e--| O|  3|--d----|--e-|--a---|-d--|-a-|-a---|---a----|---c--| M|  2|--a----|--b-|------|-b--|---|-e---|---e----|---e--| -|  2|--g----|--e-|------|-g--|---|-----|--------|------| T|         A|         B|                                                                     N|   (intro X3...)             (...4th time)                                    A|  4|------------g--e-e--e---|--|-----------e-e--e-e--e---| B|  4|--------------------d---|--|-------------------------| B|  3|------d-e---b--b-b--a---|--|---e-d-c---b-b--b-b--b---| E|  3|------------g--g-g--d---|--|-----------g-g--g-g--g---| R|  3|------------d--e-e------|--|-----------d-d--d-d--d---| .|  2|----b-------a--b-b--a---|--|-----------b-b--b-b--b---| C|  2|------------g--e-e------|--|-----------e-e--e-e--e---| O|   M|   -|               [GG
]           [EmEm
]    [DD
]                                       T|  1.)Just as I thought it was going alright,                                   A|                     [GG
]        [EmEm
]          [DD
]                             B|     I found out I'm wrong when I thought I was right,                      N|                     [GG
]              [DD
]           [EmEm
]                      A|     It's always the same, it's just a shame, that's all.                   B|                                                                               B|                [Am7Am7
]              [DD
]                                         E|  2.)I could say day, and you'd say night,                                    R|                 [Am7Am7
]                      [DD
]                             .|     Tell me it's black when I know that it's white                          C|               [Am7Am7
]             [DD
]           [EmEm
]                            O|     Always the same, it's just a shame, that's all.                         M|                                                                               -|             [GG
]                            [Am7Am7
]               [DD
]            T|  3.)I could leave but I won't go, though my heart might tell me so,        A|             [GG
]                  Amsus4          Asus [DD
]                     B|     I can't feel a thing from my head down to my toes.                      N|                   [GG
]    [EmEm
]    [DD
]                                          A|     So why does it always seem to me,                                         B|                    [GG
]               [EmEm
]      [DD
]                            B|     He's lookin' at you and you were lookin' at me,                      E|                    [GG
]               [DD
]           [EmEm
]                      R|     It's always the same, it's just a shame, that's all.                   .|                                                                               C|   [GG
]        [EmEm
]           [DD
]                                           O|  4.)Turnin' me on, turnin' me off,                                          M|              [GG
]        [EmEm
]     [DD
]                                         -|     Makin' me feel like I want too much,                                    T|                [GG
]        [EmEm
]        [DD
]                  [EmEm
]               A|     Livin' with you just'a puttin' me through it all of the time.        B|             [AmAm
]                    [DD
]                                       N|     Runnin' around, stayin' out all night,                                  A|              [AmAm
]                     [DD
]                                    B|     Takin' it all 'stead of takin' one bite                                B|                [AmAm
]                   [DD
]                  [EmEm
]               E|     Livin' with you just'a puttin' me through it all of the time.        R|                                                                               .|                                                                               C|     (Verse 3.)                                                                O|                                                                               M|                                                                               -|  5.[CM7CM7
]                                                                    T|     She says I love you, more than I wanted to,                             A|                               [EmEm
]                                           B|     There's no point in trying, to pretend.                                  N|   [CM7CM7
]                                                                    A|     There's been no-one who, makes me feel like you do,                      B|                           [EmEm
]                                                B|     Say we'll be together, till the end.                                    E|                                                                               R|                                                                               .|   [EmEm
] - Asus - [EmEm
] - Asus - [EmEm
] - Asus - [EmEm
]                    C|                                                                               O|                                                                               M|   [Am7Am7
] - Asus - [Am7Am7
] - Asus - [Am7Am7
] - Asus - [EmEm
]                    -|                                                                               T|                                                                               A|     (Verse 3.)                                                                B|                                                                               N|                                                                               A|     (Verse 5.)                                                                B|                                                                               B|                                                                               E|     (Verse 1.)                                                                R|                                                                               .|                                                                               C|     (Verse 2.)                                                                O|                                                                               M|                                                                               -|     (Guitar solo)                                                            
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Comments / Corrections (2):


(6 years ago)
This tab is wrong. Not even close. @Guest



(10 years ago)
Thank's for creating this tab!


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