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by: yyyy
T|  e|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A|  b|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B|  g|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
N|  d|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A|  a|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B|  e|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|CHORUS
E|            Em7
R|  Stacks on deck, patron on ice
.|                   C9
C|  And we could pop bottles all night
O|                                   G
M|  Baby you could have whatever you like (you like)
-|                                       Dsus4
T|  I said you could have whatever you like (you like)
A|  Yeahh
B|               Em7
N|  Baby I could treat so special so right
A|                 C9
B|  I'd gas up the jet for you tonight
B|                                      G
E|  And baby you could go wherever you like (you like)
R|                                    Dsus4
.|  I said you could go wherever you like (you like)
C|  Yeahh
M|  [Verse 1:]
-|  Em7
T|  Anytime you want to pick up the telephone you
A|  C9
B|  Know it ain't nothing to drop a couple stacks on you
N|  G
A|  Want it you could get it my dear
B|                   Dsus4
B|  5 million dollar homes drop bentley's I swear
E|  Yeahh
.|  [Hook:]
C|    Em7
O|  I want'cho body need yo body
M|     C9
-|  As long as youu got me you won't need nobody
T|      G
A|  You want it I got it go get it I buy it
B|            Dsus4
N|  Tell them other broke jokers be quiet 
B|  [Chorus]
E|  [Verse 2:]
R|  Em7
.|  Shawty you the hottest love the way you drop it
C|  C9
O|  Brain so good (good) coulda sworn you went to college
M|  G
-|  Hundred cake deposits and vacations in the tropics
T|  Dsus4
A|  Errbody know it ain't trickin if you got it
B|  Em7
N|  And you ain't neve eva gotta go in yo wallet
A|  C9
B|  As long as I got rubberband banks in my pockets
B|  G
E|  Five six rides with rims and pocket kit
R|  Dsus4
.|  And you ain't gotta down grade you can get what I get
C|     Em7
O|  My chick can have wha she wants
M|                C9
-|  And go in any store buy any bag she want
T|                   G
A|  I know you ain't never had a man like that
B|                Dsus4                            
N|  To buy you anythin your heart desire like that
B|  [Hook]
E|  [Chorus]
.|                     Em7
C|  I'm talkin big boy rides and big boy ice
O|                  C9
M|  let me put this big boy in your life
-|                   G
T|  You can smell so fresh and look so nice
A|                  Dsus4
B|  Let me put this big boy in your life (thats right)
A|  [Hook]
B|  [Chorus]

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