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Piano Tab, Chords

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by: Sid

N|  CAPO: 1st FRET
] [DD
] -- 4x's B|   E|  VERSE: R|                 [AA
]                           [DD
] .|         If it's love that you're running from C|                              [AA
] O|         There is no hiding place M|                                    [DD
] -|         (You can't run, you can't hide, you can't run, you can't hide) T|                     [AA
] A|         Love has problems I know B|                       [DD
]               [AA
]               [DD
] N|         But they're problems we just have to face, oh yeah A|   B|   B|  CHORUS: E|                 [EE
]                     [DD
] R|         If you just put your hand in mine .|                    [EE
]                      [DD
] C|         We gonna leave all our troubles behind O|   M|         We gonna walk -|                        [AA
]                 [DD
] T|         And don't look back (Don't look back) A|                        [AA
]                 [DD
] B|         And don't look back (Don't look back) N|                        [AA
]                      [DD
] A|         And don't look back babe (Don't look back) B|   B|   E|  BREAK: R|          [DD
]             [GG
]   [DD
] .|         The places behind you C|         [DD
]           [GG
]   [DD
] O|        Let them remind you M|   -|   T|  VERSE: A|         If your first lover broke your heart B|         There's something that can be done N|         (You don't run, you don't hide, you don't run, you don't hide) A|         Don't lose your faith in love B|         Because of what he's done B|   E|   R|  CHORUS: .|         So if you just put your hand in mine C|         We're gonna leave all our troubles behind O|         Keep on a walking M|         And don't look back (Don't look back) -|         Don't look back,keep on a walking (Don't look back) T|         And don't look back (Don't look back) A|   B|   N|  BREAK: A|         Places behind you B|         Let them remind you remind you B|   E|   R|  INSTRUMENTAL: [AA
] [DD
]    [AA
] [DD
]   [EE
] [DD
] [AA
]     [DD
]   [GG
] [DD
] .|   C|  VERSE: O|         Love can be a beautiful thing M|         Though your first love let you down -|         (You don't run, you don't hide, you don't run, you don't hide) T|         'Cause I know you can make love bloom babe A|         The second time around, oh yeah B|   N|  CHORUS: A|         So if you just put your hand in mine B|         We gonna leave all our troubles behind B|         Keep on a pushing E|         And don't look back (Don't look back) R|         Now did I say it .|         We won't look back yeah (Don't look back) C|         Keep on a walking O|         And won't look back (Don't look back) M|         Foreget about the past now baby -|         And don't look back (Don't look back) T|         Baby baby baby baby baby baby A|         Baby don't look back B|   N|  FADE OUT: A|   B|  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|  4|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|  3|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| R|  2|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| .|  
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