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Piano Tab, Chords

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by: ColdStarFilms

New Tabber
[New Recruit]
T|  Hey guys!  This is a piano adaption for the song Therapy by All Time Low, so with that in mind, some parts of the song,
A|  particulary the bridge and chorus, will not sound exactly the same due to the fact that, unless your playing in a band,
B|  your missing a lot of instruments, so don't hate me when the chorus and bridge aren't exactly the same...but over all
N|  you certaintly get the idea of the song and it sounds pretty close.  Have fun learning this song and listen to the MIDI
A|  to get the idea for the beat!
B|  Cheers!
E|  Arrangment of the song is
R|  Intro
.|  Verse
C|  Verse
O|  Chorus 1
M|  Verse
-|  Chorus 2
T|  Bridge
A|  Chorus 2
B|  Chorus 3
N|  Outro
B|  Keep in mind, to save space, I changed the octaves for each part as I went along.  The Intro/Verse/Outro octaves will
B|  be the same for the chorus or bridge.  CHECK THE OCTAVES BEFORE YOU PLAY!!!
R|  INTRO/VERSE (During verses play once for every 2 lines of the verse)
.|  R4|-----------C-d-C>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|>>>>>>>>>>C-d-C>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|>>>>>>>>>C>>>>>>>|>>>>>>>>>C>>>>>>>|
C|  R3|------a>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>a>>>b>>>a>>>|>>>>>a>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>a>>>b>>>a>>>|>>>>>a>>>>>>>a>>>|>>>>>a>>>>>>>a>>>|
O|  L2|-a>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|a>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|F>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|e>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|
-|  R4|>>>>>>>>>>C-d-C>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|
T|  R3|>>>>>a>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>a>>>b>>>a>>>|
A|  L2|d>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|
N|  Verse 1
A|  My ship went down in a sea of sound.
B|  When I woke up alone I had everything.
B|  A handful of moments I wish I could change,
E|  and a tongue like a nightmare that cut like a blade.
.|  Verse 2
C|  In a city of fools, I was careful and cool,
O|  but they tore me apart like a hurricane.
M|  A handful of moments I wish I could change,
-|  but I was carried away.
A|  Verse 3 (In verse 3, the first is the album version, but the second 3 is another variation heard in concert where you
B|  don't finish the a, a, C, D, C, a, b, a, and continue on to the F, a, C, a, segment.)
N|  1) My lungs gave out as I faced the crowd.
A|  2) I think keeping this up could be dangerous.
B|    3a) I'm flesh and bone, I'm a rolling stone,
B|    3b) I'm flesh and bone, I'm a rolling fucking stone,
E|  4)and the experts say I'm delirious.
.|  CHORUS (Play this twice for each chorus)(PEDALING LEFT HAND ONLY!!! During the first chorus there is no pedaling. On the
C|  second chorus after the first line begin pedaling.  You may pedal from then on.) (Sustain until the next chord.) 
O|  R5|-------|-------|-C>>>>>|-------|
M|  R4|-------|-b>>>>>|-------|-a>>>>>|
-|  R4|-e>>>>>|-G>>>>>|-a>>>>>|-F>>>>>|
T|  R4|-C>>>>>|-e>>>>>|-F-----|-d>>>>>|
A|  R3|-a>>>>>|-------|-------|-------|
B|  L4|-------|-------|-C>>>>>|-------|
N|  L3|-------|-b>>>>>|-------|-a>>>>>|
A|  L3|-e>>>>>|-e>>>>>|-F>>>>>|-d>>>>>|
B|  L2|-a>>>>>|-------|-------|-->>>>>|
E|  Chorus (Each BOLD word is where you should hit the next chord in the chorus.)(The chorus' lyrics change slightly each
R|  time.  Numbered in order.)
C|  Variation 1
O|  Give me THERAPY.
M|  I'M a walking traVESTY.
-|  BUT I'm smiling at everything.
B|  You were NEVER a friend to ME.
N|  You can KEEP all your misery.
B|  Veriation 2 (Played third time as well.)
B|  Give me THERAPY
E|  I'M a walking traVESTY
R|  BUT I'm smiling at everything.
O|  You were NEVER a friend to ME.
M|  You can TAKE back your misery.
T|  Variation 3
B|  I'M a walking traVESTY.
N|  BUT I'm smiling at everything.
B|  You were NEVER a friend to ME.
E|  You can CHOKE on your misery.
.|  BRIDGE (Hold a full sustain on all chords.)
C|  R4|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-a>>>>>|-------|-------|
O|  R4|-F>>>>>|-e>>>>>|-------|-------|-F>>>>>|-e>>>>>|-F>>>>>|-F>>>>>|-e>>>>>|
M|  R4|-d>>>>>|-C>>>>>|-------|-------|-d>>>>>|-C>>>>>|-d>>>>>|-d>>>>>|-C>>>>>|
-|  R3|-------|-------|-b>>>>>|-b>>>>>|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|
T|  R3|-------|-------|-G>>>>>|-G>>>>>|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|
A|  R3|-b>>>>>|-a>>>>>|-e>>>>>|-e>>>>>|-b>>>>>|-a>>>>>|-------|-b>>>>>|-a>>>>>|
B|  L3|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-a>>>>>|-------|-------|
N|  L3|-F>>>>>|-e>>>>>|-------|-------|-F>>>>>|-e>>>>>|-d>>>>>|-F>>>>>|-e>>>>>|
A|  L2|-------|-------|-b>>>>>|-b>>>>>|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|
B|  L2|-b>>>>>|-a>>>>>|-e>>>>>|-e>>>>>|-b>>>>>|-a>>>>>|-------|-b>>>>>|-a>>>>>|
E|  Bridge (BOLD words are when you should hit the next chord.)
.|  love yourSELF so no one has to.
C|  They're BETTER off without you.
O|  They're BETTER off without you.
-|  ARROGANT boy,
T|  cause a SCENE like you're supposed to.
A|  They'll FALL asleep without you.
B|  You're LUCKY if your memory REMAINS.
B|  R4|-----------C-d-C>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|>>>>>>>>>>C-d-C>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|>>>>>>>>>C>>>>>>>|
B|  R3|------a>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>a>>>b>>>a>>>|>>>>>a>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>a>>>b>>>a>>>|>>>>>a>>>>>>>a>>>|
E|  L2|-a>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|a>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|F>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|
.|  R4|>>>>>>>>>>>C>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>C>>>|
C|  R3|>>>>>a>>>>>>>>>>>a>>>>>>>>a>>>>>|
O|  L2|e>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>e>>>>>>>|

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