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Piano Tab, Chords

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by: Ryu
T|  Thanks to tomosunmorris
B|  Intro
N|      [FmFm
] [BbBb
] [EbEb
] [G#G#
] A|      [FmFm
] [BbBb
] [EbEb
] [C#C#
] [CmCm
] B|   B|  [EbEb
]        [BbmBbm
]                  [C#C#
] E|  Put on my best dress, I wanted to impress R|   [G#G#
] .|  I put a little make-up on C|  [EbEb
]              [BbmBbm
]                  [C#C#
] O|  Put a bow in my hair, wore pretty underwear M|  [G#G#
] -|  Hoping you might take it off T|  [EbEb
]                 [BbmBbm
]               [C#C#
] A|  Don't know your etiquette but I'm strapped to my chair B|      [G#G#
] N|  And it ain't 'cos you're pretty A|  [EbEb
]                  [BbmBbm
]              [C#C#
] B|  You were charming until you saw your chance to kill B|       [G#G#
] E|  Your chance to make history R|   .|   C|  CHORUS O|  [FmFm
]                        [BbBb
] M|  You went straight for the knife -|          [EbEb
]               [G#G#
] T|  And I prepared to die your blade it shines A|  [FmFm
]                        [BbBb
] B|  Looked me straight in the eye N|                 [EbEb
]            [C#C#
] A|  You turned the gas on high, held the flame alight B|   [CmCm
]              [EbEb
] B|  You wonder why I'm scared of fire E|      [C#C#
]             [G#G#
] R|  You wonder why you make girls cry .|   C|   O|   M|  [EbEb
]           [BbmBbm
]                   [C#C#
] -|  My mascara a mess, harsh words for your princess T|  [G#G#
] A|  Boy you and your promises B|  [EbEb
]                  [BbmBbm
]                 [C#C#
] N|  If your goal was to love, you scored an epic miss A|  [G#G#
] B|  Now you'll just have memories B|   E|  CHORUS REPEAT R|   .|   C|  [BbBb
]      [G#G#
]           [CmCm
] O|  Boy you draw me back in M|  [BbBb
]             [G#G#
]        [CmCm
] -|  I'm hungry for your bad loving T|  [BbBb
]                      [G#G#
]                 [CmCm
] [EbEb
] [C#C#
] [CmCm
] A|  But will someone find me swinging from the rafters B|       [BbBb
]                     [G#G#
] N|  From hanging on your every word A|   B|   B|  CHORUS REPEAT
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