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Piano Tab, Chords

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by: slickrick

T|  3|------c---------|------c-------|
A|  2|b-----c---------|b-----c---Bb--|
B|  1|b---------------|b---------Bb--|
B|  3|------c---------|------c-------|
B|  2|b-----c---------|b-----c---Bb--|
E|  1|b---------------|b---------Bb--|
O|  2|e-----f---------|e-----f---Eb--|
M|  1|e-----f---------|e-----f---Eb--|
B|  2|e-----f---------|e-----f---Eb--|
N|  1|e-----f---------|e-----f---Eb--|
R|  I don't know why
.|  I've got it so bad
C|  But somehow I got
O|  Out of a Fry'n pan
M|  I'm in a new fire
-|  We're at it sooner
T|  Buried our souls
A|  Out of our head so
B|  ready to go
N|  Slipping and sliding
A|  I'm out of control.
B|  Tryin to hide my 
B|  head in a hole.
E|  There's something about you
R|  I've gotta know.
.|  Before we go too far,
C|  What I wanna know...
O|  I wanna Know...
M|  What I wanna know...
-|  What I wanna know is
T|  Are...Are you the One...
A|  Are you the One...
B|  Are you the One..
N|  Are You The...
B|  Me and my girl, having the time on top of the world
B|  But I've got a secret
E|  No one can know.
R|  If you wanna find out,
.|  Come to the show.
C|  We've got the music,
O|  You got to go!
M|  Temperatures hot babe,
-|  It's ready to blow.
T|  Until she finds out,
A|  all she knows.
B|  Shopping her love round
N|  in on the wall.
A|  Before she goes too far, I wanna know...
B|  I wanna know... I wanna know...What I wanna know is.
B|  Are... Are you the One... Are you the one... 
E|  Are you the One... Are you the...
.|  Creepin around,
C|  cryin darkness,
O|  Place to be found,
M|  Leave me behind the
-|  noise of the crouds.
T|  Its been a while since you've come around,
A|  So lets make it worth the-
B|  lights to the sounds
N|  Pills and the spills and the drinks and the shouts!
A|  Still tryin to find girl what its all about.
B|  It's just one more thing well I've gotta find out.
B|  Before we go to far...
E|  What I wanna know. What I wanna know. 
R|  What I wanna know... What I wanna know is.
.|  Are... Are you the One... Are you the One... 
C|  Are you the One.. Are you the one.. Are you the One.. 
O|  Are you the One... Are you the One... Are you the One.

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