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Piano Tab, Chords

This is the last time

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    Last Update:  10 years ago
T|  Artist Name: Keane
A|  Song Name  : This is the last time
B|  ==========================================================
N|  Tabbed By  : Anonymous
B|  G                         Bm
B|  This is the last time
E|       C                  G
R|  That I will say these words
.|      G                      Bm
C|  I remember the first time
O|        C                G
M|  The first of many lies
-|            G                 Bm
T|  Sweep it into the corner
A|      C                  G
B|  Or hide it under the bed
N|              G                    Bm
A|  Say these things they go away
B|       C            G
B|  But they never do
R|           Em7                Bm
.|  Something I wasn't sure of
C|           Am                   D
O|  But I was in the middle of
M|           Em7             Bm
-|  Something I forget now
T|            Am                 D
A|  But I've seen too little of
N|       G    Bm
A|  The last time
B|       Am                D
B|  You fall on me for anything you like
E|        G         Bm
R|  Your one last line
.|       Am                D
C|  You fall on me for anything you like
O|       Em7         Bm           
M|  And years make everything alright
-|       Am                D
T|  You fall on me for anything you like
A|      Em7  Bm       Am
B|  And I no I don't mind
B|    G  etc...
B|  This is the last time
E|  That I will show my face
R|  One last tender lie
.|  And then I'm out of this place
C|  So tread it into the carpet
O|  Or hide it under the stairs
M|  Say that some things never die
-|  Well I tried and I tried
A|  Something I wasn't sure of
B|  But I was in the middle of
N|  Something I forget now
A|  But I've seen too little of
B|  The last time
E|  You fall on me for anything you like
R|  Your one last line
.|  You fall on me for anything you like
C|  And years make everything alright
O|  You fall on me for anything you like
M|  And I no I don't mind
T|  The last time
A|  You fall on me for anything you like
B|  Your one last line
N|  You fall on me for anything you like
A|  And years make everything alright
B|  You fall on me for anything you like
B|  And I no I don't mind

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Comments / Corrections (1):  


(5 years ago)
where is the interlude part? there must be an interlude chords..


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