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Piano Tab, Chords

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by: dkp1450

T|  Nobody made chords for it yet. This is how i play it, and it sounds pretty close.
A|  I play it as a acoustic cover with just piano.
N|  Verse
A|  Chorus x2
B|  Verse
B|  Chorus
E|  Bridge
R|  End with chorus x3
.|  Verse 
C|  [DD
] O|  How I wish you could see the potential M|  [FF
]                           -|  The potential of you and me T|  [DD
]                                   [FF
] [EbEb
] A|  It's like a book elegantly bound but B|  [FF
] N|  In a language you can't read just yet A|   B|  Chorus B|  [DD
]                           [DD
] [CC
] E|  You gotta spend some time, love R|  [FF
]                        [GG
] .|  You gotta spend some time with me C|  [DD
]                             [DD
] [CC
] O|  And I know that you'll find, love M|  [FF
]                      [GG
] -|  I will possess your heart T|  (x2) A|   Note: during the chorus the fills that are after the phrases only come in B|     when you play the second time of the chorus. N|   A|  Bridge B|  [FF
]             [GG
] B|  You reject my advances E|  [FF
]             [GG
] R|  And desperate pleas .|  [FF
]               [GG
] C|  I won't let you let me down O|  [FF
]      [GG
]     M|  So easily      -|   T|  
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