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Piano Tab, Chords

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by: jimbob
T|  Artist Name: korn(queen of the damned)
A|  Song Name  : forsaken
B|  ==========================================================
N|  Tabbed By  : jimbob
B|  4|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
B|  3|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
E|  2|--c---a---------|--c-------------|----------------|----------------|
R|  1|f---g-----------|f---g-f---------|----------------|----------------|
.|  i think i got this one pretty damn close.  the tab looks simple but explaining 
C|  the bends is gonna be hard.  you have to have a pitch bender to do this.  you 
O|  want a slow violin sound. play the f for an eighth. then bend the c to the right
M|  as you hit it and hold for an eighth.  keep the pitch bender held down and hit 
-|  the b note.  hold it for an eight then release the pitch bend and keep the b held
T|  for an eighth. then hit the g for an eighth and then hit the a as you bend left 
A|  again and hold for eighth.
B|  next measure: hit the f for an eighth then hit the c as you bend left.  hold for an
N|  eight.  release the pitch bend and keep the c held for an eighth.  hit the g for
A|  an eighth then hit the f as you bend left and hold for an eighth.  you'll probably
B|  need to listen to the song to get the timing down.

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Comments / Corrections (2):


(11 years ago)
i wrote this with the octaves starting on A instead of C and learned i was doing it wrong later so if it doesn't sound right then hopefully knowing this will help you out. sorry



(11 years ago)
oh shit! i'm gonna have you all fucked up. every bend is to the right and i put to the left on most of it. hopefully you all will read this before trying to play it.


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