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by: steph

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T|  [FF
]                         [CC
] A|   It's been seven hours and fifteen days B|  [DmDm
]                               [FF
] [C7C7
] N|   Since you took your love away A|   B|  [FF
]                          [EmEm
] B|   I go out every night and sleep all day E|  [DmDm
]                               [FF
] [C7C7
] R|   Since you took your love away .|   C|  [FF
]                                    [EmEm
] O|   Since you've been gone I can do whatever I want M|  [DmDm
]                            [FF
] [CC
] -|   I can see whomever I choose T|   A|  [FF
]                               [C7+] B|   I can eat my dinner in a fancy restaurant N|      [DmDm
]                                [AA
] A|  But nothing, I said nothing can take away these blues B|   B|         [EbEb
]        [BbBb
]     [EbEb
]          [BbBb
]       [CC
] E|  'Cause nothing compares, nothing compares 2 U R|   .|  [FF
]                      [C7+] C|   It's been so lonely without you here O|  [DmDm
]                             [FF
] [C7C7
] M|   I'm like a bird without a song -|  [FF
]                               [C7+] T|   Nothing can stop these lonely tears from falling A|          [DmDm
]                   [BbBb
] B|  Tell me baby, where did I go wrong? N|   A|  [FF
]                                  [C7+] B|   I could put my arms around every boy I see B|  [DmDm
]                                [FF
] [C7C7
] E|   But they'd only remind me of you R|   .|  [FF
]                                       [C7+] C|   I went to the doctor and guess what he told me O|  Guess what he told me M|   -|          [DmDm
] T|  He said, girl you'd better try to have fun A|             [AA
] B|  No matter what you do, but he's a fool N|   A|         [EbEb
]        [BbBb
]     [DmDm
]               [CC
] B|  'Cause nothing compares, nothing compares 2 U B|   E|  [FF
] [C7+] [DmDm
]   [FF
]   [C7C7
]    [FF
]    [C7+]    [DmDm
] [FF
] [C7C7
] R|   .|  [FF
]                                       [C7+] C|  All the flowers that you planted, mamma, in the backyard O|  [DmDm
]                           [FF
] [C7C7
] M|   All died when you went away -|   T|  [FF
]                                    [C7+] A|   I know that living with you baby was sometimes hard B|  [DmDm
]                                  [AA
] N|   But I'm willing to give it another try A|   B|  [EbEb
]        [BbBb
]     [DmDm
]          [CC
] B|  Nothing compares, nothing compares 2 U E|  
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