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Michael Jackson: not bad, timing needs some work and i'm not sure about some of those notes but have a look at my piano version and perhaps you can use it to improve this one in blonde redhead - for the damaged (piano part written for gui... 17h
Admins: @What in the actual fu.... Thanks for the heads up, we have removed this terrible person's song from the site. in Kanye West - Flashing Lights 1w
RealityChecker: @What in the actual fu.... Also DumbYe has done more to harm blacks by aligning himself with the former racist in chief. Don't even pretend to not know that he is a terrible person. in Kanye West - Flashing Lights 1w
RealityChecker: @What in the actual fu.... Right except DumbYe isn't even close to being the wealthiest black American. US businessman David Steward has 1 billion more than him, and Robert F. Smith has nearly 2X his wealth. in Kanye West - Flashing Lights 1w
Walllly: pianofiles is dead, swappano is dead, it's all dead now!! Scribd has some stuff but the search in Scribd is garbage. You are better off using Google like this: showmethemusic Of course it's best to avoid copyrighted material altogether, good luck in PIANOFILES 9w
BA: Just learn the song's chords to start with. A lot of songs can be simplified a LOT by learning the chords. Specifically, the 4 chords that make up every single pop song. in Tip for Learning New Songs: Learn the Chords 9w

Eric Clapton is Covidiot Funding an Anti-Vaccine Band

Veteran musician Eric ClapSpread has been campaigning against coronavirus vaccines and claiming to refuse to play shows where vaccine mandates are required (though he still does). He is now bankrolling a tiny little anti-vaccine rock group that claims to advocate for "medical choice."

The musician has wasted money and the use of his touring van to a U.K. micro band who we'll be referring to as the "Freedumbs", whose lyrics include, "You can stick your poison vaccine up your arse."

What the Freedumbs and ClapSpread don't seem to understand is that freedom doesn't give one the right to harm others. The Covid-19 virus and the 2X faster spreading Delta variant is [shocker] highly contagious which means one's actions can and do affect others. Covidiots like these are the very reason the pandemic has stretched on for as long as it has, but don't take my word for it.

ALL is Piano Midi

In the interest of answering the unasked question, "what if EVERY sound was made from piano midis?", we present our own: Singing Piano's National Anthem, the Talking Piano's Pledge of Allegiance, Real Bird Songs, and the video that got us here:

Here's how you too can create a midi out of anything:

1) Get audio file. (or You Tube video)
2) Head to Ofoct's midi site to convert audio to a piano midi.
3) Convert piano midi to a tab.
4) Enjoy your "song"?

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