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Another Must Listen Song for Corporate Personnel

"I'm thinking about starting a Corporation, who's with me?"
Jack White's "Corporation" is a masterpiece worthy of much adulation. Though I wouldn't recommend viewing the song's accompanying video unless you are a) at least 37 years old and b) into really weird Jack White sh!t.

Something For My Friends In the Corporate World

If you've ever worked for a Corporation, these next ones are for you. This Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (CSNY) parody of "Carry On" from Weird Al is on the bleeding edge of some big data strategies that promise to maximize our... synergy.
This is sooo good.

MacsXam Shoutout

Friend of the site MacsXam is launching a new channel to help raise awareness and reduce the proliferance of scams, check out the pilot here:

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