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Walllly: pianofiles is dead, swappano is dead, it's all dead now!! Scribd has some stuff but the search in Scribd is garbage. You are better off using Google like this: showmethemusic Of course it's best to avoid copyrighted material altogether, good luck in PIANOFILES 6w
BA: Just learn the song's chords to start with. A lot of songs can be simplified a LOT by learning the chords. Specifically, the 4 chords that make up every single pop song. in Tip for Learning New Songs: Learn the Chords 6w
SmokeEmIfYouGotEm: THUNDER!!! good tab in Anonymous - Untitled 2w

ALL is Piano Midi

In the interest of answering the unasked question, "what if EVERY sound was made from piano midis?", we present our own: Singing Piano's National Anthem, the Talking Piano's Pledge of Allegiance, Real Bird Songs, and the video that got us here:

Here's how you too can create a midi out of anything:

1) Get audio file. (or You Tube video)
2) Head to Ofoct's midi site to convert audio to a piano midi.
3) Convert piano midi to a tab.
4) Enjoy your "song"?

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