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Forums > Song Requests > The Clann - She Loves the Rain   YouTube
2 years ago
The Clann - She Loves the Rain 2659 views
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I'm new to this and I have been trying to make this song myself by converting it from youtube into an mp3 and then into an midi, then I've tried editing it and failed multiple times since I have no past knowledge wit this.

I'm trying to surprise a friend by playing their favorite song, I was wondering if anyone could help me make turn this into an .midi with proper notes, however, I need only C3 - C6, no lower notes or higher than those, because in the game I play there are limitations to the notes and octaves, hence the reason for that..

THanks for any help!

2 years ago
Reality Czech
Hi Friend,

The song you requested is nearly 7 minutes long as I'm sure you know, and, while not terribly complex it would be no small feat to play, especially if you are new to piano given just the duration alone! If you have several months to dedicate to learning I'm sure you could play it eventually, but the octave limitation you also stated would not I believe make the song sound much like the original. What game are you talking about and what are your plans for why you need a midi? Maybe we can help you out with a subset of your request.

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