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Forums > Song Requests > Anything from Tabologists: Da Tickler, tabber dude, slickrick, TheStig...   YouTube
5 years ago
Anything from Tabologists: Da Tickler, tabber dude, slickrick, TheStig... 4424 views
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Where are our Tabologists at?

If you haven't heard them yet, give em a listen, these are the best of the music composers with balls big enough to share their amazing song scribing skills with us!

Da Tickler

tabber dude





Thank you, and I can't wait to hear new tunes from you maestros!

1 month ago

Tab Guru
[Tab Guru]

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Hi BA.
Marriage. Kids. Life.
I will try to tab some more soon, maybe even some originals.

1 month ago


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ha, same here bud. I for one would love to hear more from you teeowe!

30 days ago new


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Welcome back, friend. TO original songs are viewed very favorably by the Tab High Council. The journey to attainment of the most prestigious titles we bestow awaits those who treat our auditory senses with creative and unique melodies, or something.

Also MatthewMcCollum has earned a mention here as well:

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