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Converting guitar tabs to sheet music 107 views
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I'm seeking a way of converting guitar tabs to sheet music (I want to play some rock on electric violin) without trying to decipher them myself. I've been really impressed with the tabs to sheet music on your site, but I can't find any way to get them on to my computer to print them out. The images save as odd lines and it's not possible to get whats on the screen. Can you tell me if there's a way to download the sheet music once converted please?
Thank you

10 days ago new
A aron
wuld a screenshot work? shift PrintScreen then you should be able to print it

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Michelle you could also try just a Ctrl P (or print) on the sheet music page, then save as PDF or XPS. But I see the google ad on that page can be kind of annoying. If needed you can add a bunch of returns (new lines) to the tab to push your sheet music out of the way of the ad tho. Hope that helps!

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