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4 months ago
standard notation to tab 622 views
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John McW

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Hello, Is there a way to convert standard notation to guitar tab?

3 months ago
Steve E
The only way I know is manually by hand, as I'm sure you know the guitar can play almost any note on almost any string, so getting the most optimal fingering on the frets is almost a matter of trial and error. I'd like simply to see some tips on how to do this well myself!

3 months ago
Reality Czech
Nice this would be quite helpful to me too. I can help. First we need to define the ranges of notes on each string. This will vary based on the number of frets as well as the guitar tuning. Most guitars have between 19-24 frets and acoustics usually have 20 frets, so if we use 20 frets and standard tuning we know that:

   lowest / highest (note possibilities for each guitar string, octave followed by note name)
E=> 4|e    6|c
B=> 3|b    5|g
G=> 3|g    5|D# (aka E flat)
D=> 3|d    4|A# (aka B flat)
A=> 2|a    4|f
E=> 2|e    4|c

Knowing the ranges allows us to now optimize our selection of strings and frets, but that I'm afraid is beyond my knowledge!

3 months ago
A aron
This is quite the riddle to solve. Someone actually requested something like this a long time ago, tho they specifically requested an automated converter for piano tab to guitar tab.


The challenges are same I believe. The unsolved questions posed by BA in that old link are serious challenges, but I will give my 2 cents on ways to solve, posting there so BA can see it.

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