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6 years ago
Anti-gay language 4426 views  
Hi, just a casual visitor here and noticed some really weird (and almost outdated) anti-gay language in the guitar tab FAQ "Things To Avoid" section:

Definitely an important lesson in tab writing, but could probably do without "Butt humping numbers", "you homo", and the 'gay = wrong' implication.


6 years ago
Re: Anti-gay language


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@RB: The guitar tab FAQ section entitled "Butt humping numbers", is not intended to be anti-gay, just as the very next section, previously entitled "Fat Ass Tablines", is not intended to be anti-fat-ass.

After all, we here at TabNabber love a good butt hump as much as anyone else, except when it comes to guitar tab butts. The FAQ is clearly referring to guitar tabs, not human butts, though. And it clearly implies that in the tab world - butt humping notes together makes them more difficult to read. We didn't phrase this in a more politically correct way, but in our defense, we have f**ked up senses of humor and moral compasses that point straight to hell (where butt humping is allegedly rampant, I might add).

Having said that, we've updated the FAQ to be less offensive (and much less humorous, in my opinion). But it is now more professional, and more understandable for our non-native English speakers.


6 years ago
Re: Anti-gay language

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