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11 years ago
Octive 1? 6029 views  
Ok, I read and understand how to read the octive, but what doent make any sence is on the 61 keyborad diagram, the otive starts at 1. So, Where whats, what? On the tabs, you have 1, but on the text and the diagram it say it starts at to. Please help me make sence of that. Its really starting to bugg the hell out of me.... Thank you...

11 years ago
Re: Octive 1?


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Yeah you're right, 61 key boards start on octave 2, as you can see in the diagrams:

You really need an 88 key or 76 key piano/keyboard to have an octave 1. But even with a 61 key board you should be able to change the settings on your board to drop the octave down to octave 1.



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