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Songs Tabbed by Muchacho:
Artist - Song 9/20/2021 8:23:08 AMLast Updated
PianoD4L - Laffy taffy1 year ago
guitarDandy Warhols, The - I Love You12 years ago
PianoDeVotchKa - How It Ends (Little Miss Sunshine)13 years ago
guitarDonald Trump - (For Prison) in 2020! MAGA (Morons Are Gover...1 year ago
PianoEarlimart - Bloody Nose13 years ago
PianoEarlimart - Self-Preservation Society13 years ago
Pianoescape the fate - world around me8 years ago
PianoImmortal Technique - Rich Man's World9 years ago
electric guitarJudas Preist - Breakin the Law12 years ago

PianoMuchacho - A song8 years ago
PianoMuchacho - Cuidado Blanco (Breaking Bad theme inspired song)7 years ago
PianoMuchacho - evening chimes8 years ago
guitarMuchacho - Loud Pipes12 years ago
PianoMuchacho - New Years6 years ago
PianoMuchacho - Thick Blurred Lines6 years ago
bassMuchacho - Vote Elizabeth Warren (some bass guitar tab)1 year ago
PianoMuchacho Mejor - Father8 years ago
PianoMuchacho Mejor - Run Baby Run8 years ago
PianoMy Ticket Home - The Opportunity to Be (easy chords)9 years ago
PianoPhil Collins - In The Air Tonight (midi)8 years ago
PianoPlacebo - Running up that hill13 years ago
PianoRoots, The - The Other Side9 years ago
PianoSheryl Crow - Run Baby Run (midi)8 years ago
PianoSufjan Stevens - Chicago13 years ago
PianoTheme - NFL PrimeTime Song9 years ago
guitarTheme Song - Better Call Saul Intro6 years ago
guitarTheme Song - Breaking Bad Intro8 years ago
PianoThriving Ivory - Unhappy9 years ago
More Songs Tabbed by Muchacho [Guest]:
Pianoinglés - añadiendo12 years ago
PianoKilez More - Klimawandel (Klimalüge, Klimaschwindel) Climate...7 years ago
PianoManu Chao - Me Gustas Tu12 years ago
PianoManu Chao - Mr. Bobby13 years ago
PianoManu Chao - Welcome to Tijuana12 years ago
PianoMiguel Bosé - Sevilla13 years ago
PianoMuchacho - d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d...2 years ago
guitarMuchacho - I come to play1 year ago
guitarMuchacho - obra maestra sin título1 year ago
guitarMuchacho - Riff 174 years ago
guitarMuchacho - Riff 74 years ago
guitarMuchacho - simple song10 months ago
guitarMuchacho - This is MINE now4 months ago
guitarMuchacho - Untitled12 years ago
PianoMuchacho - video game?6 years ago
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