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Max Malarky
Joined: A Long Time Ago.
Last Seen: In a Galaxy Far Far Away...
Songs Tabbed by Max Malarky:
Artist - Song 10/26/2021 8:20:03 PMLast Updated
guitarDonald Trump - This song is longer than Trump's attention sp...1 year ago
guitarGeorge Bush - Untitled7 months ago
guitarJoe Biden - i don't know what this is but it sounds a bunch ...8 years ago
electric guitarJoe Biden - If elected, I will kick Donald in the balls (if ...1 year ago
PianoJoe Biden - If elected, I will kick Donald in the balls (if ...1 year ago
guitarJoe Biden - Masks go OVER YOUR MOUTH AND NOSE!10 months ago
guitarJoe Biden - time to heal11 months ago
PianoJoe Biden - Unknown, Some pretty piano midi song...smell it....1 year ago
guitarJoe Biden - Water on Fire1 year ago

PianoMax Malarky - Cannabis11 months ago
electric guitarMax Malarky - civil guitar war1 year ago
PianoMax Malarky - Fight with Elizabeth Warren (easy chords and o...1 year ago
guitarMax Malarky - Mask UP or Lock DOWN11 months ago
guitarMax Malarky - simple slow song12 months ago
PianoMax Malarky - Untitled13 years ago
guitarMitt Romney - A Hero Amongst Traitors7 months ago
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