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Joined: A Long Time Ago.
Last Seen: In a Galaxy Far Far Away...
Songs Tabbed by chris:
Artist - Song 5/28/2020 1:22:56 AMLast Updated
PianoAlan J - Remember6 years ago
PianoBrooks - Cool6 years ago
guitarBrooks - Cool drink6 years ago
PianoBrooks - ROCK6 years ago
PianoBrooks - ROCK6 years ago
PianoChris - Love1 year ago
Pianochris brissey - no idea11 years ago
PianoDel Shannon - Runaway8 years ago
Pianodragon force - through the fire and flames11 years ago

PianoGrizzly Bear - Two Weeks - Intro10 years ago
PianoJourney - Pain in my heart10 years ago
PianoKen - KNOW6 years ago
guitarSeatbelts, The - Tank!11 years ago
PianoThree 6 Mafia - Don't Make Me Kill11 years ago
DrumsThrice - Doublespeak9 years ago
PianoTIP - RADIO6 years ago
PianoVan Halen - 198412 years ago
PianoVan Halen - And the cradle will rock11 years ago
PianoVan Halen - I'll Wait11 years ago
PianoVan Halen - When It's Love12 years ago
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