Charlotte Gainsbourg


La Collectionneuse

T|  (Capital notes are sharp)
N|  4|A---A---A---A---|A---A---A---A---|A---A---A---A---|A---A---A---A---|
A|  4|--D---d---D-d---|--D---d---D-d---|--D---d---D-d---|--D---d---D-d---|
E|  I collect many things
R|  And keep them all close to me
.|  To the ceiling from the floor
C|  I'm tripping on them constantly
M|  Pixelated faces play
 |  On the blown out TV screen
 |  Footage from a camera,
 |  These days I'm fast-forwarding
A|  I see a pattern start to form
B|  Over time it's surfacing
N|  Like a face I recognize
A|  It never says anything
B|  I add up all these moments
E|  In a long narrow ledger
R|  Decimals of pain
.|  Integers of pleasure
O|  The sum of all these parts
M|  I don't know how to measure
 |  They keep on adding up
 |  They just keep on adding up
T|  The collector, la collectioneuse
A|  The collector, la collectioneuse
B|  The collector, la collectioneuse
N|  The collector, la collectioneuse
B|  J'ai cueilli ce brin de bruy�re
B|  L'automne est morte souviens-t'en
E|  Nous ne nous verrons plus sur terre
R|  Odeur du temps brin de bruy�re
.|  Et souviens-toi que je t'attends
O|  J'ai eu le courage de regarder en arri�re
M|  Les cadavres de mes jours
 |  Que lentement passent les heures
 |  Comme passe un enterrement
T|  Tu pleureras l'heure o� tu pleures
A|  Qui passera trop vitement
B|  Comme passe toutes les heures.

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