Regina Spektor


The Flowers

T|  A few notes:
A|  Eb7=Should be Played without the 5th note.
B|  Gm=Should be played with the 5th note lowered by a tone. 
N|  Meaning played with a C note instead of a D (very crucial)
B|  You should ck out Regina's performance of this song at Lollapalooza 2007, 
B|  she is amazing!!
.|  Intro
C|  [Gm]\C [Ab]\C | [Gm]\C [Ab]\C | [Gm]\F [Ab] | [Gm]\F Ab| [Gm]\C [Gm] [Ab] [Ab]\F| [Gm]\C [Ab]\C | [Gm] [Ab] | [Gm] Ab-----
M|  [Gm]\C            [Ab]\C                    
 |              [Ab]\C     ([Gm\F] [Ab]) X2
 |  The flowers you gave me are rotting and still I refuse to throw them away.
 |  [Gm]\C                            [Ab]\C
T|  Some of the bulbs never opened quite fully
A|            [Gm]\C                          [Ab]\         
B|   [Ab]     [Gm]\F  [Ab]
N|  They might so i'm waiting and staying awake.
B|  [Bbm]               [C#]\Ab     [Eb7]\G 
B|        [Ab]   [Gm]   [Fm]    [Cm]
E|  Things I have loved i'm allowed     to keep
R|  I'll never know if I go to sleep.
C|  Like first verse:
O|  The papers around me are piling and twisting regina the paper back mummy
M|  what then.
 |  I'm taking the knife to the books that I own and chopping and chopping and boiling soup 
 |  stone.
 |  Things I have loved i'm allowed to keep.
T|  I'll never know if I go to sleep.
A|  Things I have loved i'm allowed to keep.
B|  I'll never know if I go to sleep.
A|  Vocal Part:
B|  [Gm]\C [Ab]\C | [Gm]\C [Ab]\C  X2
R|  [Gm]\C [Gm] [Ab] [Ab]\F | [Gm] [Gm]\E 
.|  [Ab]\C X4
O|  [Gm]\C [Ab]\F | [Gm]\C [Ab]\F
 |  Russian Part: [Gm]\C | [Ab]\F

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