Regina Spektor


Ode to Divorce

T|  Regina Spektor- "Ode To Divorce"
A|                           [C]
B|  The food that I'm eating
N|                   [F\C]
A|  Is suddenly tasteless
B|                   [C]
B|  I know I'm alone now
E|                       [F]
R|  I know what it tastes like
.|                        [Fsus2]
C|  So break me to small parts
O|                      [C]
M|  Let go in small doses
 |                              [Fsus2]
 |  But spare some for spare parts
 |                               [C]
T|  There might be some good ones
A|                                   [Ab\F]
B|  Like you might make a dollar
N|                        [C]
A|  I'm inside your mouth now
B|                    [F\C]
B|  Behind your tonsils 
E|                            [C]
R|  Peeking over your molars
.|                          [F]
C|  You're talking to her now
O|                                            [F\D]
M|  And you've eaten something minty
 |                                     [Bb]
 |  And you're making that face that I like 
 |                  [C]
T|  And you're going in, in for the kill, kill
A|  For the killer kiss, kiss for the kiss, kiss
B|                   [F]                 [Cm\Eb] 
N|  I need your money, it'll help me
A|                  [C]                          [Bb]
B|  I need your car and I need your love [x2]
B|                                          [C]
E|  So won't you help a brother out?
R|                                       [F\C]
.|  Won't you help a brother out?
C|                                     [C]              [F]
O|  Won't you help a brother out, out, out, out, out?
M|                         [Fsus2]
 |  So break me to small parts
 |                        [C]
 |  Let go in small doses
T|                             [Fsus2]
A|  But spare some for spare parts
B|                             [C]

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