Massive Attack


False Flags

T|  There's several melodies going on in this song, its impossible for one person 
A|  to play them all, but if you play the chords on the left hand and the
B|  higher piano tinkling on the right, it sounds pretty good.  If the chords 
N|  aren't obvious, leave me a comment saying so and I'll write out the notes.
E|  ������� (chords get louder)
R|  �[D5][D5][D5][D5][D5][D5][D5][D5][D5][D5][D5][D5][Bb][Bb][Bb][Bb]
.|  6|d-------e-------d---e-------d---e-------d---e-------d---d---d-|
C|  5|----a-------a-----------a-----------a-----------A#------a---a-|
M|  (Repeat INTRO 1X)
T|  ���[D5]
A|  In city shoes  of clueless blues
B|  [D5]
N|  Pays to views
A|  [Bb]
B|  And no-mans news
B|  [D5]
E|  Blades will fade from blood to sport
R|  �����[D5]��������������[Bb]
.|  The heroin's cut these fuses short
C|  [Dm]
O|  Smokers rode a colonial pig
M|  [D5]�������������[Dsus2]
 |  Drink and frame this pain i think
 |  [Bb]
 |  I'm melting silver poles my dear 
T|  [Bb]
A|  You bleed your wings and then disappear
B|  [Bb6]
N|  The moving scenes and pilot lights
A|  [Bb6]������������������[Bb]
B|  Smithereens have got 'em scaling heights
B|  [A]
E|  Modern times come talk me down
R|  [A]��������������������������[A]
.|  And battle lines are drawn across this town
O|  [D5]
M|  Parisian boys without your names
 |  [D5]����������[Dsus2]
 |  Ghetto stones instead of chains
 |  [Bb]
T|  Talk 'em down cause it's up in flames
A|  [Bb]
B|  And nothing's changed

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