John Mayer



T|  Intro:  
A|  	- Do this 2 times 
N|     AM7                                   Em7 
A|  E|-----4-------4-----------4-----------|-----0-------------0-------0---| 
B|  B|-----5-------5-----------5-----5---0-|-----0-----0---0---0---0---0---| 
B|  G|-----4-------4-----------4-----4---7-|-----------6---4-------4-------| 
E|  D|-------------------------------------|-------------------------------| 
R|  A|-0-------0-------0-----------0-------|-------------------------------| 
.|  E|-------------------------------------|-0-------0-----0-------0-------| 
C|           t       t                 t           t     t 
O|        t 
 |  I. "I have these dreams I'm walking home..." 
 |  	- Do the Intro series 2 times 
 |      "Here I stand, six feet small..." 
T|  	- Do I stanza 
B|  Refrain. "And these days..." 
N|  	- Do this 2 times (once pero two lines) 
B|    DM6    AM7                        DM6   AM7 
B|  E|---0-------4-------4-------4-----|---0-------4-------4-------4-----| 
E|  B|---0-------5-------5-------5-----|---0-------5-------5-------5-----| 
R|  G|-----------4-------4-------4-----|-----------4-------4-------4-----| 
.|  D|-0-------------------------------|-0-------------------------------| 
C|  A|-------0-------0-------0-------0-|-------0-------0-------0-------0-| 
O|  E|---------------------------------|---------------------------------| 
M|        t       t       t       t         t       t      
 |   t       t 
 |  Chorus. "Oh if only my life was more like 1983..." 
T|  	- (strum) Am7, D7sus (4x) 
A|  		  C-D 
N|  Repeat Intro. 
B|  II. "Thinking about my brother Ben..." 
B|  	- Do I stanza 
E|      "Here I stand, six feet small, and smiling 'cause 
R|  I'm scared as hell..." 
.|  	- repeat in the previous stanza except for the next 
C|  lines 
O|      "Kinda like your life is like a sequel to a 
M|  movie..." 
 |  	- hold guitars 
 |      "Where the actors' names have changed..." 
 |  	- Do this... 
A|  		E|-----x---------| 
B|  		B|-----x---------| 

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