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Introducing a New Type of Guitar

What you do when you're a guitarist for a hugely successful band (cough cough Radiohead) and need new sounds.

278 Cellists. 29 Countries. 1 Collaboration.

This song of sadness features 278 cellists and over 100 memorials of people who have left this earth, uploaded by the cellists they appear next to.

Presidential Attorneys for Hire

Full Size

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah put out this ad in major newspapers, ...


Cutest Sound Ever?

Hummingbirds can snore???

Horse Whipped for Protest Song In Sochi (Reprise)

Even though this happened back in 2014, it's worth remembering and revisiting if you think mother Russia is a friend of the arts and free speech. The artists were literally whipped during the creation of this video. The source video of the Russian security force's reaction is unbelievable.

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