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Cutest Sound Ever?

Hummingbirds can snore???

Horse Whipped for Protest Song In Sochi (Reprise)

Even though this happened back in 2014, it's worth remembering and revisiting if you think mother Russia is a friend of the arts and free speech. The artists were literally whipped during the creation of this video. The source video of the Russian security force's reaction is unbelievable.

Mo' Music Games

There's nothing quite like playing music with other people. The folks over at DinahMoe Labs must agree, as they have been busy making more music games.

Check out their latest clock gobblers:

We first became aware of PLINK in 2012, which is a fun and easy way to make collaborative music together right now using just your mouse. (Chrome Browser may be required). They also have a new version that let's you play in a private room if you and the other players break up the band. ...


AI Turns Music Into Trippy Visuals

The arts are being encroached upon by our future robot overlords, but, for now at least, humans are still needed. The AI that created this video was very much guided by human input and parameters, but it's still cool AF.

The Actual Sounds of a Singing Star

This star is gonna be a star I tell ya! Futurism reports on how a star's infrasound acoustic waves were sped up to be audible to the human ear.

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