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The Worst Sounds

New research from Newcastle University attempts to find out what the worst sounds in the world are and why. Researchers found that anything in the frequency range of around 2,000 to 5,000 Hz to be unpleasant. Dr Kumar explains: "This is the frequency range where our ears are most sensitive. Although there's still much debate as to why our ears are most sensitive in this range, it does include sounds of screams which we find intrinsically unpleasant."

People found the most unpleasant sounds to be:
1. Knife on a bottle
2. Fork on a glass
3. Chalk on a blackboard
4. Ruler on a bottle
5. Nails on a blackboard
6. Female scream
7. Anglegrinder
8. Brakes on a cycle squealing
9. Baby crying
10. Electric drill
(the researchers apparently didn't rate the sound of moms/wives nagging)

And some of the least unpleasant sounds to be:
1. Applause
2. Baby laughing
3. Thunder
4. Water flowing

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