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John Denver


colorado rocky mountain high

Sheet Music Reference

Notation by:
Transcription (and any errors) by Converted from a guitar tab, here's the original chords defs: Dropped [D] tuning (DADGBe) Note-> DADGBe        ++++++ [D]      000232 [Em7]    220000 [G]      550000 actually G6 A*     770000 [A] something G*     550030 another G6 [C]      x32010 [A]      x02220 [Dsus4]  000233 [Dsus2]  000230 Dv     000775 Dvii   00077ten Gvii   000787 Gvii*  00078ten add little finger at 10th fret Gx     000430 yet another G6 Ax     000650 [Asus4] This is what John is playing on the video, which may vary a little from the original release. Both John and his backing guitar are flatpicking 6-string guitars capoed 2 in dropped [D] tuning. In the original release the backing guitar adds some nice lead licks during the choruses. Figure one (Hammer with the little finger) (the (3) is often inadvertently muted by John's little finger)      [D]                            [Em7]   [G]    A* Figure two (Hammer with the little finger)      [D]                            [Em7]   [C]      [A]
***This sheet has been trimmed, the maximum 2 line limit was reached.***

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