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by: Tarcus

Pro Tabber
[Pro Tabber]
T|  Artist: Nine Inch Nails
A|  Song: Zero Sum
B|  Tabbed by: Nathan
B|  VERSE (repeat)
B|  5|------C-C--d--d---e--e---------------------------|-
E|  4|-b-b---------------------f-f--g-g--a--a----------|-
.|  CHORUS (i played at 3rd octave)
C|  [FF
]             [DD
]                                  [CC
]               O|  Shame on us     Doomed (We knew?) from the start     May God have           M|  [GG
] -|  mercy on our dirty little hearts T|   A|  [FF
]             [DD
]                                [CC
]               B|  Shame on us     for all we have done               And all we are worth      N|  [GG
] A|  is just zeroes and ones B|                                      B|   E|  -PLAY VERSE FEW MORE TIMES AFTER FINAL CHORUS SLOWING IN TEMPO EACH REPEAT. R|   .|  Verses: C|   O|  They're starting to open up the sky, they're starting to reach down through. M|  It feels like we're living in that split second of a car crash. -|  And time is slowing down, and if we'd only had a little more time than this, I'll just hold your hand. T|  Do you remember the time we...? A|  And all the times we...? B|  And should have...? N|  And were going to...? A|  I know. B|   B|  And I know you remember. How would he justify it all? E|  And we knew better; in our hearts... we knew better. R|  And we told ourselves it didn't matter. .|  We're trying to continue, and none of that matters anymore. C|  In the hour of our twilight... O|  And soon it will be all said and done, and we'll all be back together, as one... M|  If will we continue at all. -|   T|  CHORUS A|   B|  And you never get away, and you never get to take the easy way, N|  And all this is a consequence, born by our own hand... A|  If you believe in that sort of thing. B|  And did you ever really find, when you closed your eyes, B|  Any place that was still, and at peace? E|   R|  And I guess I just wanted to tell you, as the lights start to fade, .|  That you are the reason that I am not afraid. C|  And I guess I just wanted to mention, as the heavens will fall, O|  We will be together soon if we will be anything at all. M|   -|  CHORUS T|   A|  Any problems can get me at or B|   N|   A|  Please rate tab, the more feedback I get the more tabs I will submit.
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Comments / Corrections (3):


(11 years ago)
Well. this sounds really good. :) The verse notation is a bit off, just by ear, but I think it's really, really close and I love this song anyway. :D Well done!



New Tabber
[New Recruit]

(12 years ago)
ohhh tanks for this fucking tab, i like so much this fuckin crazy motherfukcers



(12 years ago)
i think it's close but what is being played in the verse notation is:
b b c# c# d d e e and the rest you got right.


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