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Piano Tab, Chords

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by: TheAntiRoxas

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If you have the settings "Glockenspiel" or "Xylophone" or "Celestal"
on your electric keyboard, then set the tone to either instrument. For those 
of you that have a regular piano, or a shortened one, this song is played at 
the second-to-highest set on the sixty-one key piano. You can make it at a 
higher pitch on a regular piano, if you please.


For those of you that are new to TabNabber, or just happened to come onto
this site because you need to find an easy, understandable way of reading
music for your favorite instrument, READ THIS FIRST! In the beginning, I
didn't entirely get what was up with the whole charts (as exampled below) and
the capitals and lower-cased letters. First of all, here's how TabNabber 
works: Upper-cased letters, or capitals, represent the black keys. The black
key to the right of the nearest white key is considered that ones capital. So,
for example let's say I have a "d" key (the second-to-last piano key), and the
song says I need to find the "D" key. Well, what's the difference? The
difference is the capital, okay? So, I'd play the black key to the white "d"
key's right. You got that? If you don't understand, just try rereading, or
get someone else to explain the whole order of things to you. Thanks!


Okay, now, enough with the tutorials. Let's get on with the song! One thing
I'd like to cover, first, though--I haven't figured out the left-handed part
(which I do believe there is one)! If anyone can help me figure it out so I
can update this Tab, please do so! I appreciate your assistance! Now, time
for me to start Tabbing...!


Just in case this gets accidentally submitted (which it probably will with
my luck)...: This is still in the progress of making! Please check back when
I have finished my Tablature! If you do end up using the product I've already
made of my under-construction work, please rate only that part of the song
and comment on things I could've improved upon! I know this is only the right
handed part of the song, and intend to make a left handed part in the future,
however for now please tell me how my finished part of my Tab is going! I
love constructive critism! Thank you--I appreciate your coming to my Tab!

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New Tabber
[New Recruit]

10 years ago
@Sam (hope this helps--just realized I accidentally published this *sighs*):
Search box>>>Kairi Yoko Shimomura>>>Kairi 2-18 Player>>>Listen

10 years ago


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