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Piano Tab, Chords

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by: TheAntiRoxas

New Tabber
[New Recruit]
Hey! It's TheAntiRoxas back again with more Yoko Shimomura piano music for
the exclusive right-handed-only keyboard masters! If you don't understand how
Tablature works, and you are a Guest/beginner, please select the "Y" button
in the alphabet above, go to the first Yoko Shimomura listed on the jumbled
music performers list, and find the Kairi 2-18 I did. You know where to look,
and if you don't, there's a huge, all-capitalized section I put in there for
beginner's only! Thanks!

Honestly, I think this song sounds better on a full piano. If you don't have
one, and own a crappish sixty-one keyed electronical keyboard like I do, then
just put the tone at Electronic Grand Piano (E.Grand, or E.G.P., or E.G.Piano.
Just so long as it's something along those lines). Anyways, on a keyboard,
this song would normally be played at the third-to-highest set of keys
(set, in my vocabulary, meaning a-G, thank you very much)--so just bear with
me here, full-piano-playing maistros (did I spell that right!?).

Oh, and one more quick note: Look, I know in the beginning it sounds like
The Other Promise by Yoko Shimomura. Honestly, both of Roxas and The Other
Promise come into play during Roxas' side of the story in Kingdom Hearts II
and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, so please just stand through the whole song.
Usually, people hear the beginning, flip out, then click the back button
because they think I've gotten the music wrong. Seriously, people, I haven't.
Go onto and type in "Roxas Yoko Shimomura" in the little search
engine box, and it'll start out the same way I have it. Jeezums--just wanted
to get that across before I get some whacked-up comments. Anyways, I'm sure
I've talked your little ears off long enough. Now, on with the show...!



Basically, you just repeat yourself a couple of times after that with the 
song, and then at the ending, you repeat the first two parts I showed you
for three times, fading out in the song as you do so--giving that signature
effect Yoko seems to mystify every one of her beloved fans with. Anyways,
I believe that that's the end of the right-handed part of Roxas by Yoko 
Shimomura. Soon, I'll make left-handed versions for all my Tablatures, so
keep your eyes peeled. Also, if you could give me some constructive critism?
I'd appreciate it if you did that and possibly helped me correct any mistakes
I didn't find. Thanks!

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