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Piano Tab, Chords

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by: Anonymous
T|  T|  Tabbed By Louis Estrada
A|  A|  
B|  B|  Main Part:
N|  N|  
A|  A|  4|---C----C--------C------e-e------D-e-D---Ce-F-e----C-F-C--
B|  B|  4|------------------------d---------------------------------
B|  B|  3|-----ea---a-C-ea-C-a-d-a--d-b-D-a--Da--e----e---f-a--f----
E|  E|  2|---a----a-------------------------------------------------
R|  R|  
.|  .|  4|------C-F-C----d-F-d---
C|  C|  3|---F-a--e---d-a--d-----
O|  O|  
M|  M|  
-|  -|  
T|  T|  Riff 1 - play near the end of verse 5:
A|  A|  
B|  B|     ...making that G T A
N|  N|  5|-----------------C-C---------
A|  A|  4|---------------------b-a-----
B|  B|  
B|  B|  
E|  E|  
R|  R|  Riff 2 - play during the second half of verse 7
.|  .|  
C|  C|    ...and I start drinkin... (continue until end of verse)
O|  O|  5|-----------e----e-------
M|  M|  4|-------------a----a-----
-|  -|  
T|  T|  
A|  A|  Alternate Main Part (for verse 9)
B|  B|  
N|  N|  { Guitar Riffs
A|  A|  5|-------------------------------------------------------C----
B|  B|  4|----------------------------------------------a---b---------
B|  B|  3|-----------------------------------------e------------------
E|  E|  {
R|  R|  { Main Guitar
.|  .|  4|-----C----C--------C-----------------------Ce-F-e----C-F-C--
C|  C|  3|-------ea---a-C-ea-C-a-d-----------------e----e---f-a--f----
O|  O|  2|-----a----a-------------------------------------------------
M|  M|  
-|  -|  
T|  T|  { Guitar Riffs
A|  A|  5|-----d---C---------------
B|  B|  4|----F---e---db--Ca--e----
N|  N|  3|--------------------G----
A|  A|  {
B|  B|  { Main Guitar
B|  B|  4|--------C-F-C----d-F-d---
E|  E|  3|-----F-a--e---d-a--d-----
R|  R|  
.|  .|  
C|  C|  
O|  O|  
M|  M|  
-|  -|  Chorus:
T|  T|  The riffs are played on a second guitar with chords
A|  A|  
B|  B|  (shown in first staff) in the background
N|  N|  
A|  A|  
B|  B|  Chorus chords (repeat twice for each chorus)
B|  B|  
E|  E|      A       F#m      Bm7       E
R|  R|  4|---a--------F--------b--------b---------
.|  .|  4|---e--------C--------F--------G---------
C|  C|  4|---C-----------------d--------e---------
O|  O|  3|---a--------a--------b--------b---------
M|  M|  3|---e--------F--------F--------e---------
-|  -|  3|------------C---------------------------
T|  T|  2|---a--------F--------b------------------
A|  A|  
B|  B|  
N|  N|  
A|  A|  First Chorus ("Crusin' down the street....")
B|  B|  
B|  B|      A       F#m      Bm7       E
E|  E|  5|-----------------------d-------------------
R|  R|  4|----------------------------F-----F-G------
.|  .|  3|--------------------------b----------------
C|  C|  
O|  O|  
M|  M|      A       F#m      Bm7       E
-|  -|  5|------------C------------------------------
T|  T|  4|-------a--b---b---------a-----G-F-e--------
A|  A|  
B|  B|  
N|  N|  
A|  A|  Second Chorus ("Cause the boys in the hood...")
B|  B|  
B|  B|  
E|  E|      A       F#m      Bm7       E
R|  R|  5|-----------------------d-------------------
.|  .|  4|----------------------------F-----F-G------
C|  C|  3|--------------------------b----------------
O|  O|  
M|  M|  
-|  -|      A       F#m      Bm7       E
T|  T|  5|------------C----------------------------------------------------
A|  A|  4|-------a--b---b------F---F----e-F-e-d-C-------d-------C-----G----
B|  B|  4|------------------------------C-d-C------------------------------
N|  N|  3|-----------------------F---F--------b-a---e-F-A---F-e-a---e------
A|  A|  3|--------------------------------------e-------d-------e----------
B|  B|  
B|  B|  
E|  E|  
R|  R|  Third Chorus ("Cause the boys in the hood...")
.|  .|  () = quieted
C|  C|  
O|  O|      A       F#m      Bm7       E
M|  M|  5|-----------------------d-------------------
-|  -|  4|----------------------------F---G-F-e------
T|  T|  3|--------------------------b----------------
A|  A|  
B|  B|  
N|  N|      A       F#m      Bm7       E
A|  A|  5|----e--e--e------------d-------------------------------------
B|  B|  4|-----a--a--a----------------F-e-F-e-d-C--C--d--d--C----------
B|  B|  4|------------------------------C-d-C--------------------------
E|  E|  3|--------------------------b---------b-a--a--a--a--a----------
R|  R|  3|--------------------------------------e--e--d--d--e----------
.|  .|  2|-----------------------------------------------------F--e----
C|  C|  
O|  O|  
M|  M|  
-|  -|  
T|  T|  
A|  A|  Outro: (play instead of the last measure of the main part)
B|  B|  
N|  N|         slow down
A|  A|  4|-------d---e-F-e-d-------
B|  B|  3|---d-a---a-----------a---
B|  B|  
E|  E|  
R|  R|  
.|  .|  By:Louis Estrada Infamous Cru

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