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by: asdfg
B|  1
R|       A while back, my friend’s and I my friends were around in Red Bank and the police tend to be strict there because of the kids who are obnoxious and ruin it for everyone. Anyways, we were by Riverside Park sitting on a bench when about 3 cops came up to us and started asking questions about fireworks being lit off by the hospital.  We had no idea what they were talking about so at first no said anything.  The police grew suspicious and decided they should sit us down and have a talk with us.  They accused us of setting up fireworks by the hospital because out of the description 2 of the people I was with matched.  We had to explain to them it wasn’t us.  We finally got through with them because the officers talked to the one by the hospital and he explained that he never saw us there. I reacted very annoyed and agitated but I didn’t show the cops because it would just ignite the conflict.
O|  2
-|       Peer pressure to me is when someone you know or are around with convinces you (or attempts to) get you to do something against your will.  There was a time when I was being peer pressured by one of my “peers” to go pool hopping.  I thought it was the dumbest thing ever, but I got peer pressured into doing it.  It’s like you’ve always heard it, I did it because I wanted to do what my friends were doing and I didn’t consider the consequences before my actions.  I felt rushed and teased, therefore it worked.  It resulted in us running away in wet jeans hiding in pine trees.  That was quite uncomfortable, but at least we weren’t caught.
A|  3
N|       Freedom, I believe, is the ability to do an action or activity under one’s rights.  I believe we have plenty of them, but they are cancelled out by laws.  However that can go negatively.  For example, freedom of speech, can you go around saying what you want?  The answer is yes and no.  The KKK like to go around preaching their hate towards African Americans that is a freedom, but is it right, no.  The point is, is that we have plenty of freedoms, but they can be cancelled out by laws such as slander.  If you have the freedom of press, you can’t say whatever you want in it.  And for freedom of speech, you can’t yell fire, because that’s disturbing the peace. All in all we have plenty of rights, and we have smart laws protecting them.
B|  4
R|       If I was ever accused of a crime, in which I didn’t committed, but accused for my looks, it wouldn’t be the dumbest occurrence ever.  I would explain to people that looks aren’t everything.  It’s not even half.  People judge with their eyes before their heart.  That’s what leads to false accusations in the first place.  They’re unnecessary and downright wrong.  I feel that anyone else should be shocked or angered if this were to happen to them too.
O|  5 
-|       A few months ago there was a party going around and rumor was, is that it was only for north kids.  It was a discrimination against south kids.  The so called fact that we had more money than them went around and they wanted to be rebels about it.  Me and my friends were mad at first when we sat at my house and heard about it but I realized it was stupid and they can do what they want.  My friends felt differently and they wanted to be rebels themselves and go to the party.  In the end we decided not to because it would only result in controversy.  
A|  6     
N|       Many things have changed as far as social acceptance from the 1600’s till now.  I can swear in front of my parents, but if I displayed a mouth like that back then, they would surely find some loophole as for be being a witch.  I would tell Danforth that it has become more socially acceptable in my time and that people should not be so tense and high strung all the time.  However, I’m sure to a personality and disposition like his he would show no mercy and probably throw me in the slammer.  Another thing would be wearing red.  I think everyone can wear red all the time in front of their parents and nothing would be made out of it.  However back then, if you wore red too much, you clearly were in cahoots with the devil.
B|  7
B|       I do things of my own will that are against my parents consent.  Such as, long boarding with no helmet on.  They are over protective and fear that I would crack my head open and bleed to death.  I go against them because everyone knows you look like a loser with your helmet on and no one else ever has a helmet on either.  So I would just draw attention to myself and would wind up getting made fun of.  If I get caught, my parents yell and threat to take away my board, but that is yet to happen.  One more thing could be stay up late.  Generally my parents want me in bed before 11, but their not so strict on it.  I feel I have the right to make my own decision because I have my own sense of judgment.  If I get caught, my parents say go to bed, and I do. It’s quite simple really. 

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