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Piano Tab, Chords

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by: Anonymous
T|  artist:  Ben Folds Five
A|  song:    Brick
B|  album:   Whatever and Ever, Amen
N|  trans.:  Brent Ritchey ( 
B|  (This song really doesn't have too many
B|  full chords, it's more of a piano "riff" which
E|  follows the line of the chords.  The chords
R|  should hopefully help you to figure it out.)
C|  INTRO (riff 1)
O|  [DD
] [Dsus2Dsus2
][G6add9] [DD
] [Gadd6] M|   -|  [DD
] [Dsus2Dsus2
][G6add9] [Bm7Bm7
] [Esus4Esus4
] [EE
] T|   A|  VERSE1 B|   N|  [DD
]     [Dsus2Dsus2
][G6add9] A|   6 a.m.               day after Christmas B|   B|  [DD
]                    [Dsus2Dsus2
][G6add9] E|   I throw some clothes on     in      the dark R|   .|  [DD
]               [Dsus2Dsus2
] C|   The smell of cold O|   M|  [G6/9]               -|       Car seat is freezing T|   A|  [DD
]                   [Dsus2Dsus2
] B|   The world is sleeping N|   A|  [G6add9] [DD
] [Dsus2Dsus2
] [G6add9] [DD
] [G6add9]    B|   I am numb B|   E|  VERSE 2 R|  Up the stairs to her apartment .|  She is balled up on the couch C|  Her mom and dad went down to Charlotte O|  They're not home to find us out M|   -|  PRE-CHORUS T|   A|  [Bm7Bm7
]      [G6add9] B|      And we drive N|   A|  [Bm7Bm7
]        [G6add9] B|      Now that I        have found someone B|   E|     [DD
]             [Dsus2Dsus2
][G6add9] R|  I'm feeling more alone .|   C|        [Bm7Bm7
]          [Esus4Esus4
] [EE
]     O|  Than I ever have before M|   -|  CHORUS T|   A|  [GG
]    [AA
]             [A/DA
] B|   She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly N|   A|  [GG
]    [AA
]             [A/DA
]    B|   Off the coast and I'm headed nowhere B|   E|  [GG
]    [AA
]             [A/DA
]             R|   She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly .|   C|  [GG
] [Asus4Asus4
] [GG
] [DD
] O|   M|  [DD
] [Dsus2Dsus2
] [G6add9] [DD
] [Gadd6] -|   T|  VERSE 3 A|   B|  They call her name at 7:30 N|  I pace around the parking lot A|  Then I walk down to buy her flowers B|  And sell some gifts that I got B|   E|  PRE-CHORUS R|  Can't you see .|  It's not me you're dying for C|  Now she's feeling more alone O|  Than she ever has before M|   -|  CHORUS T|  She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly A|  Off the coast and I'm heading nowhere B|  She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly N|   A|  [GG
] [Asus4Asus4
] [GG
] [Asus4Asus4
] [D/F#D
] [GG
] [DD
] B|   B|  [GG
] [Asus4Asus4
] [GG
] [Asus4Asus4
] [D/F#D
] [GG
] E|   R|  BRIDGE .|   C|  [Esus4Esus4
]    [EE
] O|        As weeks went by M|   -|  [G6add9]              [Dsus2Dsus2
] T|         It showed that she was not fine A|   B|  [Esus4Esus4
]    [EE
]                  N|        They told me, A|   B|  [G6add9]            [Dsus2Dsus2
]     B|  "Son, it's time to tell the truth" E|   R|     [Esus4Esus4
]      [EE
]    [G6add9] .|  And       she broke down      and I broke down C|   O|  [Dsus2Dsus2
]             [Esus4Esus4
] M|        'Cause I was tir   -     ed of lying -|   T|  [DD
] [Gadd6] A|   B|  VERSE 4 N|  Driving back to her apartment A|  For the moment we're alone B|  Yeah, she's alone B|  I'm alone E|   R|  [DD
]            [GG
] .|   Now I know it C|   O|  CHORUS M|  She's a brick and I'm drowning slowly -|  Off the coast and I'm heading nowhere T|   A|  [GG
]    [AA
]             [BmBm
]     [A/C#A
] B|   She's a brick and I'm drowning      slowly N|   A|  [GG
] [Asus4Asus4
] [GG
] [Asus4Asus4
] [D/F#D
] [GG
] [DD
] B|   B|  **THE BASIC INTRO RIFF** E|  (within each chord) R|  D: F#-A-D-F#-A-E-D .|  G6add9: E-A-D-E-D-A-D-E C|  Bm7: F#-A-D-F#-A-E-D O|  Esus4: A-D-E-G#-D-E-A-D M|   -|   T|   A|  This transcription © copyright 1999, Brent Ritchey.
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Comments / Corrections (2):


(11 years ago)
you can check out this for the chords

here is Dsus2 :)



(12 years ago)
I realy want to learn this song but I don't know what Dsus2 and all the other chords mean. Can you please put them up the top. Thank you so much! :D


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