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Piano Tab, Chords

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by: MATH Analogies


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Comments (8)

MATH Analogies


6 months ago
Whoops, that "Anonymous" is I.

6 months ago
I ran with the Pi Day theme, and made a follow up video!

"Halo 2 theme but it's 33 digits of pi"

I have plans to turn this into tabs in the near future. But this may be my last "pi" video for a while. (Unless there's a demand for it!)



6 months ago
@MATH Analogies Well...TabNabber is the ONLY place where you can turn letters into music. Probably.

Now you've made me hungry for blueberry pie and inspired me to make my own Pi song across multiple octaves:

Not that it's a masterpiece or anything, just interesting. I think it'd be even cooler to substitute the digits with chords, but that's a problem for another day.

MATH Analogies


6 months ago
@BA Happy Pi Day to you, and to all a good pie! (It's blueberry pie for my family and me, today.)

I appreciate this comment so much, thank you. Yes, I agree that math and music are intertwined greatly! I've used TabNabber every now and again for at least 13 years now (different account(s)), and I've always loved how precise mapping out notes is. [Actually, I still see that piano tie t-shirt for sale - the very same one I had in high school...!]

I'm glad you appreciate the shoutout; this is the only online program I could find that matched my criteria of wanting to dictate letters and output music. It's more creative, but much harder, to read the digits of pi and have to manually play them on some online keyboard! This program outputs a music file which is in the mathematical sense, "natural," meaning that it "is what it is" and there is essentially no "choice" in the timing. (Here, just note that I explicitly mention my "choice" of digit assignment:
0 to -
1 to a
2 to b
3 to c
4 to d
5 to e
6 to F
7 to G
8 to g
9 to f.)

You can bet that I'll make more math number videos in the (near?) future! And I encourage others to check out my video, and post their own creations!



6 months ago
@MATH Analogies Happy pi day, hope you are enjoying some circular treats today!
I just love math so much. Music and math have such a complex and interesting relationship.

And I love what you've done here, thanks for sharing this song and the video! Holy smokes I just watched it and a HUGE thanks for the TabNabber shoutout in the video!!!

Thanks again, hope to see more?

MATH Analogies


6 months ago
To learn how to turn pi (or your favorite number) into a song, please check out my video:

Pi Day Music Activity // Turn PI into a SONG!

MATH Analogies


6 months ago
@Max Malarky
Thank you! I made this song in preparation for my YouTube video tutorial on how to create songs just like this.

Max Malarky
6 months ago
Hey it's not pi day yet! But I commend you anyway for this intriguing piece. Bravo!


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