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by: atownes

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T|  RH 4|---------------------------|g--F#---------------|
A|  RH 4|------c--------------------|------e-----c-------|
B|  RH 3|---g-----a--b--g--a--F#----|---------b-----a--b-|
N|  LH 2|e-----------------d-----c--|---------------d----|
B|  Repeat!
E|  [lord infamous] 
R|  Let me just take you somewhere secret 
.|  Gonna cut all of the lights down dim 
C|  Forget all about your boy we gonna just flow it 
O|  What we felt let's share a few private thoughts 
M|  I'm not just, out for your sex 
-|  Let me simplify the things in life that you find complex 
T|  Forget what, you heard bout me cuz you're a scarecrow groupie 
A|  But there's no pressure on you cuz you know 
B|  What you must do check this out 
N|  Let's have a drink and i give you time to think 
A|  Let me puff this buddah blunt and cut on this porno buff 
B|  Girl come lounge here by my side, tonight your, my devil's bride 
B|  And there's a freak deep inside have no shame, no need to hide 
E|  Why do you keep on blushin? get it on 
R|  Like a slut she, she must be, 
.|  Kind of tipsy on this crystal like a gypsy 
C|  Now i got her on all fours 
O|  Bout to break down the headboard crash this broad 
M|  All through the wall now she howling like a dog, sweat poured 
-|  We hit the floor it don't quit, another one ripped 
T|  It's just another victim of lord infamous late night tip 
B|  (chorus) 
N|  I'm not the type that get involved in long relationships 
A|  Takin' trips, and buyin' gifts, i'm sorry i'm not on that tip 
B|  If you want romance you should just stick who you are really with 
B|  If you in that mood you can hit me on that late night tip (2x) 
R|  [dj paul] 
.|  I done seen some funny shit since i got in this game 
C|  They wants my crib they wants kids since i done got my fame 
O|  I never recall you askin your last boyfriend for nathin 
M|  But now the big bourban on gold got you aggravated 
T|  [gangsta boo] i need a coach bag 
A|  [dj paul] i can't be even doin' it 
B|  [gangsta boo] i need my hair done 
A|  [dj paul] 
B|  Me too i ain't got nothin' to do with it 
B|  I been through with it, you and it since the first time you asked 
E|  And might i add, players like me can't be savin' your ass 
.|  [gangsta boo] 
C|  I ain't with that nonsense, or that lovey-dovey mess 
O|  Feelin' kind of whorish i call and all i want is sex 
M|  Slip on victoria's secret, hit the liquor store before it close 
-|  Call chris so i can get something white to go up in my nose 
T|  Now i'm feelin' fine, nothin' but sex is on my mind 
A|  If you cannot please me boy, then please don't waste all of my time 
B|  Got you caught up in the mist 
N|  Mystic girl from triple six 
A|  Late night tip is all we have, it's time for trick that sick 
B|  (chorus 2x) 
R|  [juicy j] 
.|  I can't understand why these slobs be trippin' 
C|  Can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen 
O|  Ballin' in my lex dropped low to the ground 
M|  Just a young playa tryin' to put my bid in 
-|  Freaks want a trick that be constantly payin' 
T|  Not a ghetto thug that be constantly layin 
A|  Raymo inn on a summer motel, 
B|  Oh well that's what the juice might stay in 
N|  Gotta have a lady that wanna do what i do 
A|  Like skippin' work or love cuttin' high school 
B|  Summon all the players in the three 6 mafia 
B|  Camcorder on skinny dippin' in the swimmin' pool 
E|  Never try to argue, bother you, or fight 
R|  Kill a pack a jimmy hats strapped on real tight 
.|  Sippin' alize all tall, and a bud light 
C|  Just for you freaks on the moonlight late night 
M|  [koopsta knicca] 
-|  Tell me three 6 who be bumpin' that music 
T|  Hypnotizin' koop i tell you who i'm bout to lose it 
A|  Could it be that late night, groove type, just inside the body 
B|  Always kinda lonely someone want me hold me, i say 
N|  Come here, come here, come here the koopsta cryin' tears 
A|  I can't think positive when no one cares of how i feel 
B|  Realize my mind, sometimes that i even try to find 
B|  I cannot lie though i can ride high late night 
R|  (chorus until song ends)

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