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by: jj
] A|   B|  [BB
] N|  Lookin' at her phone desk, tappin' her feet A|  [BB
] B|  The kinda girl your mama likes to meet B|  [BB
] E|  A Sunday school dress buttoned up tight R|  N/C .|  When the weekend comes she's like a red taillight C|   O|                        [EE
] M|  She likes to get out of town -|                              [BB
] T|  Yeah she likes to get out of town A|             [F#F#
] B|  She's got a little ragtop she just bought N|      [F#F#
] A|  Just forty-five minutes from a two day's off B|         [F#F#
] B|  She's a-watchin' the clock just a-countin' it down E|  N/C                                   [BB
] R|  That girl likes to get out of town, uh-huh .|   C|             [BB
] O|  She's got a little glove box with everything she needs M|          [BB
] -|  Got some red lipstick and some Mardi Gras beads T|          [BB
] A|  Got some party girlfriends like to keep it unwound B|  N/C     N|  That girl likes to get out of town A|   B|                        [EE
] B|  She likes to get out of town E|                              [BB
] R|  Yeah she likes to get out of town .|               [F#F#
] C|  They've got a motel room with a single bed O|        [F#F#
] M|  Just a-singin' down the road goin' outta their heads -|       [F#F#
] T|  Gonna turn it on up, time to party on down A|  N/C                                   [BB
] B|  That girl likes to get out of town, uh-huh N|   A|   B|  SOLO: [BB
] B|   E|   R|  BRIDGE: .|  [EE
] C|  Yeah yeah, my my O|  [BB
] M|  Big fun's close as the city limit sign -|  [EE
] T|  Yeah yeah, do tell A|  [AA
]                        [EE
]                                 [BB
] B|  Daddy's little angel gonne raise a little hell, well well well well N|   A|             [BB
] B|  She's got a second cousin that keeps her on the phone B|        [BB
] E|  Got an ex-boyfriend that won't leave her alone R|        [BB
] .|  Oh but it won't hurt 'em what they don't know C|       N/C O|  What goes on the road stays on the road M|   -|                        [EE
] T|  She likes to get out of town A|                              [BB
] B|  Yeah she likes to get out of town N|         [F#F#
] A|  She was born to shake it and it's not her fault B|         [F#F#
] B|  But the competition just loves to talk E|  [F#F#
] R|  She's so tired of them puttin' her down .|  N/C C|  That girl likes to get out of town O|   M|              [EE
] -|  She likes to get out of town T|                               [BB
] A|  Yeah she's likes to get out of town B|              [F#F#
] N|  It's time to crank it on up, time to party on down A|  N/C                   B|  That girl likes to, that girl likes to B|   E|  [EE
] R|  Get out of town .|                   [BB
] C|  Yeah she likes to get out of town O|       [F#F#
]                             M|  Gonna crank it on, crank it (oooh yeah)
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