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by: Anonymous
A|  [GG
]                                    [CC
]add9          [GG
] B|  Mother do you think they'll drop the bomb    N|                                        [CC
]add9          [GG
] A|  Mother do you think they'll like this song B|   Cadd9                                      [GG
]        B|  Mother do you think they'll try to break my balls? E|  [DD
]     Cadd9                          [GG
] R|  Ooooh Aaaah Mother should I build the wall .|   C|  [GG
]                          [CC
]add9               [GG
] O|  Mother should I run for president M|  [GG
]                             [CC
]add9              [GG
] -|  Mother should I trust the government T|  [CC
]add9                               [GG
] A|  Mother will they put me in the fire line? B|  [DD
]     [CC
]add9                        [GG
] N|  Ooooh Aaaah is it just a waste of time A|   B|   B|  [GG
]                     [CC
] E|  Hush now baby don't you cry R|  [FF
]                           [CC
] .|  Mama's gonna make all of your nightmares come true C|  [FF
]                         [CC
] O|  Mama's gonna put all of her fears into you M|  [FF
]                             [CC
] -|  Mama's gonna keep you right here under her wing T|  [FF
]                            [CC
] A|  She won't let you fly, but she might let you sing B|  [FF
]                    [CC
]      [GG
] N|  Mama's gonna keep baby cozy and warm A|   B|  [DD
]    [CC
] B|  Ooooh Baabe E|   R|  [DD
]    [CC
] .|  Ooooh Baabe C|   O|  [DD
]        [CC
]                                    [GG
] M|     Ooh Baby, of course mama's gonna help build the wall -|   T|   A|  SOLO: B|   N|   A|  e|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B|  b|------13/15-------15---13>12>13------------------------------------------------- B|  g|--12---------------------------------14>13>14-------------------------------------- E|  d|------------------------------------------------------5------5--4------------------ R|  a|------------------------------------------------2/7-------7--------5---3>2--3vvv--- .|  e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C|   O|   M|  e|-------------------------------------------------------12>(14)==>12>10---- -|  b|-------10>(12)=======>10--8--10>(13)---8------------x--------------------- T|  g|--2/7--------------------------------------9>8>9--x----------------------- A|  d|-------------------------------------------------------------------------- B|  a|-------------------------------------------------------------------------- N|  e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------- A|   B|   B|  e|---------10>(12)==>10>8--8>7--8>7---------------------------------- E|  b|-----x-----------------------------8------------------------------- R|  g|--x------------------------------------7---6---4------------------- .|  d|---------------------------------------------------5vvvvv--------- C|  a|------------------------------------------------------------------- O|  e|------------------------------------------------------------------- M|   -|   T|   A|   B|  [GG
]                               [CC
]add9       [GG
] N|  Mother do you think she's good enough?      for me? A|  [GG
]                             [CC
]add9     [GG
] B|  Mother do you think she's dangerous      tell me? B|  [CC
]add9                                    [GG
] E|  Mother will she tear your little booyy apart? R|  [DD
]        [CC
]add9    .|  Ooooh      Aaaah C|   O|  [CC
]add9                      [GG
] M|  Mother will she break my heart -|   T|   A|  [GG
]                     [CC
] B|  Hush now baby don't you cry N|  [FF
]                           [CC
] A|  Mama's gonna cheak out all of girlfriends for you B|  [FF
]                   [CC
] B|  Mama won't let anyone dirty get through E|  [FF
]                   [CC
] R|  Mama's gonn wait up untill you get in .|  [FF
]                   [CC
] C|  Mama will always find out where you've been O|  [FF
]                     [CC
]        [GG
] M|  Mama's gonna keep baby, healthy and clean -|  [DD
]          [CC
] T|  Ooooh        Baabe    A|  [DD
]          [CC
] B|  Ooooh        Baabe N|  [DD
]                                  [GG
] A|  Ooh baby, B|   [CC
]                   [GG
] B|  you'll always be baby to me E|   R|  [GG
]                         [CC
] .|  Mother did it need to be so high C|   O|  
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